Mail Call!

In a flurry of movement and a whirl of machinery, the workers at the Buckley’s Official Mail Center process more than half a million pieces of mail a year for Buckley organizations and residents.

“We send mail to the 99 consolidated organizations here as well as all the personal mail for our dorm residents,” said Master Sgt. Tim Corey, Buckley Official Mail Center superintendent. “We send everything from optometry prescriptions filled on base to mission essential documents supporting our troops down range.”

Mail center slots are filled by three military members, chosen by their squadrons, after a transition from the previous five civilians. These three servicemembers work the two major sections of the Official Mail Center; the organizational mail and the internal mail, internal including packages for dorm residents and accountable mail, mail that has to be secured until delivered.

“The organizational mail gets delivered to 22 on-base and one off-base stops,” according to Staff Sgt. Loywless Glasper, the organization mail technician. “To see somebody finally receive the mail that they have been waiting for, to see that smile; it’s like heaven.”

The customer satisfaction of a timely delivery is a plus; the receiver’s safety remains the paramount concern.

“We scan each package for biological, explosive and chemical hazards to ensure that everyone gets a safe package,” said Airman 1st Class Dylan Williams, the internal mail technician. “It gets to be a bit challenging with anywhere from 2,000 to 12,000 pieces coming in each day.”

Despite the demanding workload, the processes Corey has helped implement have made the Official Mail Center run smoother.

“The old system still used a lot of paper copy records. We have converted those documents to electronic versions making the system highly efficient,” explained Corey. “I would say with the way we are doing it now, the wing is in good hands.”

With the system seemingly squared away, the Official Mail Center can continue to put its focus solely on its customers.

“We get people the medical records, medicine and mail that they require,” said Glasper. “We give them what they need to do their mission and to take care of themselves.”

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