Former Gov. Owens: Obama Colo. visit a distraction

DENVER | Former Republican Gov. Bill Owens says President Barack Obama’s visit to fire-ravaged Colorado is a distraction.

Owens said Thursday that Obama’s planned Colorado Springs visit Friday diverts “time, equipment, energy and resources” from fighting wildfires.

The White House says Obama and his team are sensitive to ensuring visits to emergency response areas don’t impede the response. Obama plans to thank first responders and ask if they need additional resources.

Owens was governor in 2002 during another historic wildfire season. He says he declined an offer then for a visit then from President George W. Bush.

Current Gov. John Hickenlooper says Obama made clear he didn’t want his visit to be a distraction.

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach says he appreciates Obama’s visit — and plans to ask for cash.

  • Queen33

    Owens needs to shut up…this is why his is FORMER Gov. Distraction?? Not! Obama is the President of the U.S. he needs to experience what the State of Colorado actually looks like after a devastating wildfire…to declare the satae a national disaster.

  • pat

    If President Obama did NOT come to Colorado, he would have been branded as
    not caring.  Often times, our President can’t win no matter what.

  • Frank25

    Mayor Steve Bach would be smart to ask for cash.  Obama[s check or promises are typical politician promising of future benefits or changes that never occur.   Even if elected or re-elected.   And  we all know this was a photo-op.  Surprised he did not hold 2 or 3 more meetings where donations to his campaign are needed.   Same as his two prior visits to Colorado. 

  • What do you mean…he’s destroyed the country.