COLE: Here’s what Aurora is like

I’ve gotten a lot of calls from media worldwide are asking the same question over and over today: “What’s Aurora like?”

As someone who grew up in this suburb — the last stop east before Kansas City and little brother to Denver to the west — it’s an easy question to answer, this is what Aurora is like:

It’s a city of more than 300,000 people who likely would give everything they had to prevent what happened last night.

It’s a city that has more sunny days than Miami beach but would love to get rid of the black cloud hanging over the city right now.

It’s a city that hears the constant joke, “Well, it is Aurora,” but stopped laughing today.

It’s a city that more character than anywhere else I’ve ever lived, and still has unbelievable flaws.

It’s a city full of common sense, but struggles with senselessness.

It’s a blue-collar city that has done tragedy before and can’t believe it has to do it again.

Aurora isn’t like anywhere else I’ve ever been. That’s why I choose to be here, over and over again.

  • Me

    What’s Aurora like? Ghetto. Glad not to live there any longer.

    • Pcgrille

      We’re glad you moved too.

    • Disgusted

      I can’t wait to get out. After 35 years and graduating from OHS I am almost embarrassed to say I’m a native. I avoid the Aurora Mall area at all costs. It is ghetto and the schools here are terrible. If you decide to move to Aurora I suggest you stay as far east and south as you can.

  • Iz

    What is Aurora like? For another Aurora native it’s home having the same friends from kindergarten up through College it’s a strong community with flaws but that has never broken us sure people have their negative veiws that’s their deal but for me this is the only place I want to live and what happened that night at the theater was a horrible tragic random act of violence by a very sick person but that will not stop us this whole ordeal will make this community stronger more loving and even more compassionate I truly believe that, I had friends there family who lives near there for those who have lost loved one I am deeply sorry and I give you all my heart and prayers

  • Olecowboy64

    I am so glad Makayla wasn’t there.  I hope and pray this never happens again.

  • Sjbravopc

    Great article!

  • alady

    Well spoken. You are a shining example of the people I encounter in Aurora on a daily basis. No class whatsoever.