Children’s Hospital expert will teach self-acceptance at Reach Your Peak Expo

The Reach Your Peak Expo’s 'Protecting Your True Self' seminar will put a spotlight on creating healthy body and self image in teen girls.

AURORA | Body image can significantly affect how a girl feels about herself. Feeling inadequate and ashamed of her body can increase the risk of low self-esteem, depression and eating disorders. Spending time worrying about their bodies and how they measure up can also take away from their ability to concentrate on other pursuits.

Our teen seminar, Protecting Your True Self, will be presented by Jennifer Wang-Hall, M.Ed. Children’s Hospital. Jennifer will explore the factors that contribute to a girl’s sense of self and identity.

Discussions will include some of the factors that threaten healthy self esteem and ways to protect oneself from them, plus body image and how body image discomfort can develop during this period. Attendees will also learn protective factors and ways to battle negative thoughts about oneself and one’s body that may arise during this unique development period.  

Jennifer Wang-Hall, M.Ed

2017  Reach Your Peak Expo

Colorado’s top speakers, personalities and experts addressing the needs and issues of teenage girls will assemble for the dynamic and entertaining 2017 Colorado Girls Elevated ‘Reach Your Peak’ expo on April 23rd at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds Event Center. Admission is free however registration is required. Pre-registering online will save time at the door.

“The Colorado Girls Elevated‘Reach Your Peak’ expo is a safe, uplifting and engaging event designed to engage and inspire middle and high school girls in the Denver-Aurora metro area, to reach for their dreams” said event producer Rhonda Canino, Advertising Director for the Aurora Media Group, parent company to The Aurora Sentinel.   “The Reach Your Peak expo will expose them to new experiences, connect them with role models in the community, and help them build self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-empowerment to realize their full potential.  ‘Reach your peak’ is more than just a slogan.”

The expo will provide a host of compelling, short programs and interactive activities.  Successful local women speakers will be hitting on hot topics like healthy body image, cyber safety, bullying, healthy relationships, peer pressure, depression, career choices, personal safety, college selection and more.  These programs provide girls with the information, tools and resources to deal with life challenges. 

The expo hall will include interactive exhibits, live entertainment, a marketplace and more.

This annual regional event, presenting a wide variety of inspirational icons, workshops, materials, interactive activities and entertainment, is produced by The Aurora Sentinel, Mix100 Radio, and KMGH Denver 7.  The expo, free to all participants from all over the metro area and state, will offer unique speakers and opportunities addressing issues and goals for adolescent girls. For more information contact Rhonda Canino, 720-449-9705 or