Cherry Creek enrollment nears 51,000 for 2012-13 year

AURORA | The Cherry Creek School District kicked off the 2012-13 year school year with a total enrollment of nearly 51,000 students, an increase of about 600 over last year.

Assistant Superintendent Eric Flor outlined the numbers during a presentation to the Cherry Creek Board of Education during its regular meeting held Sept. 10 at Campus Middle School in Greenwood Village. According to Flor, the enrollment breaks down to about 3,755 students at schools on a year-round schedule, 4,265 students at transitional schools and 42,973 at traditional elementary, middle and high schools. The total enrollment is 50,9993.

About 17,800 students have enrolled in Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate classes for the year.

During the presentation, Flor also detailed the number of employees in the district for 2012-13 year – there will be 3,722 certified employees and 3,777 classified employees. What’s more, there are 289 buses in the district that will drive 1,298 daily routes.

The board meeting on Monday also included a presentation regarding the district’s new online check-in system. Students and parents still need to register at a physical location in the district, but the new online network allows parents to directly update contact information and other details online. According to Assistant Superintendent Scott Siegfried, the new system saves thousands of dollars in costs associated with paper, envelopes and postage.

Student still need to provide proof of residence during registration.

“The admissions process still exists as it had,” Siegfried said. “They have to become a student first before they can go and do the online admissions.”

The board’s next regular meeting is slated for Oct. 8 at Village East Elementary School, 1433 Oakland St. in Aurora.

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