Bill Clinton in Aurora today to stump for Romanoff, Udall and Hickenlooper

President Clinton is the latest in a string of big-name Dems coming through Colorado to stump for Sen. Mark Udall, Gov. John Hickenloooper and former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff

AURORA |  The other Clinton — Bill — is following his wife to Aurora today to stump for Andrew Romanoff, Sen. Mark Udall, Gov. John Hickenlooper and other Democrats.

Former President Bill Clinton is headlining an evening rally at Hinkley High School Monday evening. He’ll be promoting Udall, Hickenlooper and Romanoff.

The event is being held in the district Romanoff hopes to take from GOP Rep. Mike Coffman.

Udall is in a tight race against Rep. Cory Gardner, and Hickenlooper is battling former Rep. Bob Beauprez.

Former first lady Hillary Clinton has already visited Aurora to promote Udall last week. And First Lady Michelle Obama led Udall rallies Thursday in Denver and Fort Collins.

Democrats are throwing all their weight at keeping Udall’s seat. Colorado could decide whether Republicans or Democrats control the chamber.

“First Nancy Pelosi, then Hillary Clinton, and now Bill Clinton. Democrats are pulling out all the stops, but one,” said Coffman campaign manager Tyler Sandberg. “The only person who hasn’t shown up is Barack Obama. But as Obama himself said, it is his policies on the ballot. Every one of them.'”

In this Oct. 21, 2014, photo, former President Bill Clinton speaks during a rally for Kentucky democratic senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes. Clinton will come to Aurora Monday to energize Democratic voters in three tight races including the race of Aurora's 6th Congressional District.  (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)Local Dems said the big-name political are here to energize Democratic voters and push the close races into their corner.

“Our momentum here in Colorado has captured the nation’s attention,” said Romanoff campaign manager Denise Baron. “We’re working to make sure as many people vote as possible before Election Day, and President Clinton is coming to help that effort.”

Democrats are counting on a strategic ground game to shore up close races. Recent polls show all the races are extremely close or going to Republicans.

Last week, local Republican campaign leaders said the string of big Democratic names was an indication of desperation of all three campaigns.

Colorado Democrats are recognized for using effective “ground games,” where they get out the vote when and where it counts. Democrats say moderate, independent districts such as Aurora count heavily this year.

Udall, Romanoff and  Hickenlooper, also in a tight race for re-election, were sounding familiar themes last week. Both the Udall/Gardner and Coffman/Romanoff races are seen as the most competitive  — and expensive — in the country.

At the Hillary Clinton event on Tuesday, Udall said a win would come from getting Dems to return ballots.

“You all know this race is going to come down to the last ballot that’s counted,” Udall said. “But when that last ballot is counted we’re going to come on top.”

Udall made reference to his sagging poll numbers. “Ignore the polls. The only poll that counts is Election Day.” This is the first major election where all registered, active voters in Colorado have received a mail-in ballot, making the race a wildcard even up until Nov. 4.

The Denver Post reported Friday that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is also coming to Colorado this week, stumping for Republicans, including Coffman. Bush is expected to appear at a get-out-the-vote event Wednesday at the Douglas County fairgrounds.

The event Monday is a ticket-only event, and tickets are limited, according to Romanoff campaign chief Denise Baron.

  • Average Citizen

    Romanoff campaign, don’t you realize half the people in your district still can’t stand the Clintons?

  • Frank2525

    Where did you find that half? I haven’t talked to many who still have regards for them, especially after Monica Lewinsky went on television to tell of how she was abused at 18 -20 years of age, by the political machine and investigative machine at that time. Now at 41, she got standing ovation at her statement the other day. And it really shows where the War on Women started and still persists. Let me also state I will not be at Hinckley high school next Monday night. I also did not attend when Pelosi or Hillary was in town. Hickenlooper, Udall, and Romanoff will need more than those words from Nancy, Hillary, or Bill to get elected or re-elected.

    • Aldo Elmnight

      Bill is a serial rapist. Fitting that the dems want him to support them.

    • Average Citizen

      OK, maybe I was being charitable. Probably should have said “more than half” :-).

      • Frank2525

        Thank you. I definitely would agree with that. One thing is that Obama is more detested in my part of state, then Bill, and even Jimmie Carter is not looking that bad, at this time. I was still on active duty with Jimmie, and his Executive order on Privacy-and Security, caused a lot more work and aggravation. I had 7 card files to separate military skills, for promotions or schools, or reassignment. Had to convert them all into one card file, then secure that in Confidential Safe, recording when opened, or closed. During that time Jimmie had problems scheduling the WH tennis court, which he did personally.

  • davebarnes

    When are these idiots going to realize that many of us have already voted?

    • Frank2525

      Eventually they get the report of absentee ballots having been voted, that is if they pay to get it. My phone has quit ringing as of Friday. Still get the normal out of area “free alert system” if I punch one on my phone. Ha, in a pigs eye. They show up on my Comcast report of calls not answered, and come from all over the country.

  • Aldo Elmnight


  • MrColorado

    Good grief. This is supposed to be an election for important State and Federal seats to represent COLORADO on our issues and needs, not a home coming king & queen popularity contest.

    Bill Clinton, Hillary, Pelosi, Michele Obama and all the others need to stay out of this and out of Colorado.

    • Frank2525

      I will agree with you too. We had too much Eastern coast influence into Colorado business during this. Gun Control bills only take guns away from honest people, or price them as too expensive of have. And the criminals do not follow laws, and that is why they are considered as criminals. Just had case of guy 17 who shot army sergeant and wife, and at 19 sentenced to 2 lifetime terms, but then 32 years on two counts of burglary and break-in to private residence. News report he will not eligible for parole until 80 years pass. Somehow that adds up to less than 2 lifetimes, or I don’t know biology, or is someone using new math on this?

      • Duane

        Show me one person that had their guns taken away.

        • Frank2525

          Do your own research. California has either 10 or 12 teams, working out of capital, whose only duties are to research newspaper, police blotters, or court cases for anyone who has a squabble with neighbors where police are called, domestic violence, or just claims, and they drive entire state to confiscate all guns and ammunition of those with gun permits. My oldest son lives there, and I keep track of that. In New York just 2 months ago, a young child was photographed standing out in front of family apartment holding AR15, and a nosy neighbor called police. That child was a legal marksman in matches and his father was a legal, qualified instructor of gun safety, and both were known in sportsman circles as such. Police showed up demanding entrance on that neighbors complaint, without warrant. Wife refused, called her husband who immediately contacted his attorney, and both arrived at house.
          If you don’t read and browse the net of what is happening, shame on you and others like you who get your panties in a wad. And here in Colorado, statistics show that many who are refused gun permits, later are due to faulty information, or mistaken identity on the database. Folks are losing their guns all over this countries to the panty wearers (male or female) who get scared if gun is mentioned. Like the child who chew a cookie in shape of gun, and teacher turned him into office- losing school.
          I don’t have a gun permit, and will not apply for one, due to the cost, requirement for document showing gun education by someone at a fee, etc. Son visited recently and I gave him all my guns except one for home defense under “make my day”. At age 85, I need equalizer now with health conditions, and Colorado selling drugs, smuggling people and guns, and additional folks crowding into state. Does that satisfy your curiosity? Just read the Aurora Sentinel and its editorials, about the 18 year old boy who walked down street with shotgun. I can remember Aurora in 1960s, when I had no problem in going just out Colfax, past city limits to the dump on right side of highway, in pit where sand and gravel had been removed to build highways, and fired my 8 MM, visited with another who had a black powder rifle (old timer weapon) and taught my wife to shoot 22 caliber pistol. Even fired shotguns at paper targets to ensure spread, before pheasant hunting season. Would not bring any attention in those days, but then all the east and west coasters moved here, and we grew from 3,000 to over 250,000 in past few years. Shame you brought your politics and scaredy stuff with you.

          • Duane

            The rights of the insecure morons to wave their moronic
            insecurity in our faces shall not be infringed.

            Nor the right of gun makers to increase their profits.

          • Frank2525

            You really show the level of your intelligence and education with throwing out school yard insults. I have heard them all before over the years, and consider the source. Go in peace.

    • Duane

      Dems are being outspent by the Koch brothers 2 to 1. I guess you like your politicians bought and paid for by the 1%.

      • Frank2525

        You are off your rocker, Duane. Koch brothers are 53d on list of Millionaires who give donations and do philanthropy funds. Top 17 live in San Francisco and give to Democrats completely. At least Koch brothers are using their own money, and NY City has music hall, and other facilities they have paid for, or contributed to. Don’t believe Harry Reid, who has become multi-millionaire on political teat. He is just upset the Koch brothers do not contribute to him, or pay extortion to him. While you are at it, check out ActBlue, with their spending and the million dollars given to Andrew Romanoff campaign, with most of that before June 2014. Andy claims not to take PAC funds, and challenged Mike Coffman not to take such funds. Typical Liberal challenge, as you will see with others, here in Colorado and other states of making such challenges to the GOP opposition. I was independent voter until 2006, but TAX and SPEND politicians turned me.

      • Frank2525

        added note: That listing is Forbes annual listing of top income who give to politics. Do your own research, or go away.

      • FlyFree

        Uh huh…. nothing to say about Colorado’s own “Gang of Four”?

    • pat

      tell that to Jeb Bush who is on his way to campaign in Colorado.

  • meesterbig

    Four corrupt liars for the price of one….. it doesn’t get any better than this.

    Make sure anything Monica’s ex-boyfriend says happens while he is under oath.

  • J_Biggs

    Criminals of a feather flock together.

  • mfrazee29

    Another soldier in the war on women. I wish the press has the spine to ask him when was the last time he talked to Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willy and some of the other victims of his abuse. We won’t even mention the 19 year old he took advantage of.

    • Frank2525

      When you have the time, go to her statement on net, and then read the report of the investigators and how they violated her rights. Bill was nasty in way he threw her under the bus, but Hillary was a lot more nasty in her comments at the time. But the investigators kept her confined for 12 hours, hammering on her and threatening her and her mother with prosecution. She was violated, due to being moon-struck with his being president, but at 41, her story is worth reading. It also makes the listing of all the deaths (by natural causes) to be suspect. Happens in every administration of coincidents, but that period is absolutely shaky. It is not what president decrees, but the people around him / or her in future.

  • FlyFree

    Shouldn’t Udall be able to stand for re-election on the basis of his accomplishments and job performance as Senator these past 6 years? Why are people who have no connection whatsoever to Colorado coming here? He’s either qualified or he’s not. PERIOD.

    • Frank2525

      Few years ago the Sheriff would have been talking to him, being so interested in abortions, birth control, and other women problems when they are in 20s, 30s, and single. And him at over 60. If done near a school, in dark cloak, probably would not draw attention now.

  • leroy

    Seems like it’s OK for Chris Christie and Jeb Bush to campaign for republicans, but it’s not OK for
    other dems to campaign for dems. This is the way political races happen don’t you know? Wonder
    why President George W. Bush isn’t out and about endorsing republicans? Just asking.

    • Frank2525

      No, Leroy. That is done so folks you have something to post about. Pres. George W. Bush was a real president, and is still busy meeting with veterans at his ranch, to ride bicycles, swim, play games, just as he did while in office. Unlike present POTUS who goes on vacation. Don’t really know what from, since he is not really there anyhow.

      • leroy

        Frank, when you write silly responses to emails, it shows people repeatedly how
        silly you are. President George W. Bush was a real president. . . the president that
        invaded a country on false premises, who will go down in history as a disgrace.
        You are implying President Bush is too busy with entertaining veterans at his
        ranch, and that is why he’s not out campaigning for fellow republicans? Downright
        silly Frank. . can do better than that.

        • Frank2525

          Then you had better ask your democrat legislators why they voted for that (before they chickened out later), why U.N. approved, and why our 44 allies agreed. You are a fool to keep pressing that “false retenses” because Weapons of Mass Destruction was found. What about those thousands of tons of munitions the 4th Division found and destroyed. What about the chemical weapons (gases) he used on the Kurds and the Iraqi’s who lived near Kuwait? What about Saddam’s claims of having nuclear weapons, and his killing of his son-in-law who had defected, who was in charge of that program. Enticed to come back to Iraq with promise he was safe, he was killed. You could rewrite history if this was Russia, which we coming to resemble, but videos and photos were shown on net soon after the invasion (2nd time). And by the way, Saddam never lived up to his agreements (signed by his Generals in his name) after Storm’n Norman pushed him, them, and 25th Republican Guard back across border in first invasion. His missile batteries continued that first war, firing on American and British planes in the no-fly zones, as they flew to keep him from killing more Iraqis citizens. Leroy, I can accept honest mistakes or lack of information, but no willful lies and deception. Pres. George W. Bush will be honored in our history, while Obama will reap the anger-frustration he earned by books and articles in next few years. He has dis-honored USA, and what we have always stood for, and lived up to his past of ineptitude and not knowing what to do at any position.

  • Frank2525

    Have seen comments about Koch brothers on several net sites: For information the Koch brothers and Mitt Romney (with his 2 partners) used their own funds and provided more jobs here in USA, and made money for investors (all those retired federal and state employees who depend on such investments). This administration with EPA, OSHA, micro-managing, excessive regulations and Executive Orders, has driven more jobs off-shore than any other reason. And anyone with large investments, is smart to bank off-shore, rather than have the banks and wall street absorbing their funds. Also reporting them to IRS, ref: Lois Lerner and how in campaign Obama kept referring to Mitt Romney’s investments. Who broke privacy rules on that?

  • Rick1941

    Too late, almost everyone has mailed in their ballots and the majority voted for the Republican.

  • meesterbig

    “I hate that man Obama more than any man I’ve ever met, more than any man who ever lived.” ~ Bill Clinton