Ban of traffic-enforcement cameras proposed again

DENVER | Lawmakers are again considering banning red-light cameras and automated cameras that enforce speeding violations in Colorado.

Legislation introduced by Senate Republicans on Wednesday would prohibit municipalities from using the cameras. A bill attempting to do the same thing didn’t get far when it was introduced in the Senate last year.

Republican Sen. Scott Renfroe sponsored the legislation last year, and he’s the lead sponsor again. He has said the cameras are used to generate revenue, not to make roads safer.

Democratic Senate Leader Morgan Carroll says she supports the idea, and Democratic leaders in the House are also in favor.

The Colorado Municipal League opposed the bill last year and continues to oppose it. They say local governments should decide what to do about traffic-enforcement cameras.



Read the bill:

  • TLM80209

    As I said last year, and I say again this; if fines from Red-Light Cameras and Automated Cameras are not to increase revenue as municipalities claim, then why are the profits not donated to nonprofits?

    • NeoPublius

      Good question, but why would you want non-profits lusting after the proceeds from red-light cameras? Isn’t it bad enough that so many for-profits have been corrupted by politics?

  • NeoPublius

    A person could make book on the stands the Colorado Municipal League takes on bills in the state legislature which protect citizens of this great state from government abuses.

    Whatever the CML favors (and Colorado Counties, and Clubb 20) is more likely to do harm to us; whatever they oppose just might be good for the people of the state.

    And where exactly do organizations such as these get their funding?? (I think I know, and it’s not good.)

  • Traffic cameras are just another form of Policing for Profit as Capitalism distorts our Justice System again. These companies are bottom-feeders and take a 40% cut of the tickets while creating MORE dangerous intersections by fixing the lengths of yellow lights to entrap drivers. You can read about how private companies and crooked politicians have turned our Police forces on their ear in every attempt to squeeze money out of the general public at