Art Carlson enters race for House District 41

AURORA | With less than 70 days to the November election, Aurora resident Arthur Carlson was tapped by an Arapahoe County vacancy committee on Aug. 23 to be the Republican candidate in the race for House District 41.

Carlson said he’s up for the task and plans to raise about $20,000 in the next few weeks. He was chosen by the Arapahoe County Republican Party’s vacancy committee to fill the Republican spot on the ballot, and he’s optimistic about his candidacy.

“I thought I’d give it a shot and see what happens,” he said.

Carlson will be on the November ballot with Democrat Jovan Melton, president of an Aurora-based political consulting firm called Emerson Consulting & Strategies.

Carlson is not new to the political scene. In 2009, he ran for House District 41 but lost to fellow Republican Brad Wagnon in the Republican county assembly. This year, he ran in the Republican primary for Senate District 28 but lost by a margin of about 1,300 votes to Republican John Lyons.

Carlson was born with the congenital disorder Arthrogryposis, which is the reason he stands only 4 feet, 6 inches tall and calls himself the “shortest candidate to run for Colorado state House.” He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, works at Rocky Mountain Orthodontics and hosts an online conservative radio show.

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  • AuroraResident

    Based on his recent comments regarding women in the workplace he can be assured that he will NEVER get my vote.

  • UcWhatIDidThar?

    I’m not going to short the value of my votes on this guy.

  • Wow…Arthur Carlson, you are a piece of work. When you don”t get your way. Then you attack people behind their backs.

    Your comments about women, I see why you say the things you do.

    For those taking the hate scores. Arthur you never co-hosted my radio show. you never produced it.

    Oh..and I was the only one that showed up to your failed skateboard event. Remember, I followed you in my car, and that was hours. And I took you to lunch.

    Now, I’m going to sue you for your published personal attacks, and lies.

    You can fool, the fools, who fell sorry for you, but you..are the true flim flam man!!!

    You know, I finally realized, that skip in your walk, is not because your happy!!!