BLOG: Hey Mitt! Real men make dinner

AURORA – Apparently some women, or at least the women I know, were greatly offended by some of the comments Mitt Romney made in the second presidential debate earlier this week.

I can’t speak for them.

However, I was astounded by what Romney had to say. I bet many other men were also miffed at Mitt. Here’s what Romney said:

“… if you’re going to have women in the workforce … sometimes you need to be more flexible. My chief of staff, for instance, had two kids that were still in school. She said, ‘I can’t be here until 7 or 8 o’clock at night. I need to be able to get home at 5 o’clock so I can be there for making dinner for my kids and being with them when they get home from school.’ ”

What bleapin’ black-and-white bygone era does this presidential candidate dwell in?

Hey Mitt: I just sent a kid off to college. For 18 years, I, for the most part, made dinner. I did most of the grocery shopping and a lot of the laundry. I changed diapers. When he was young, I often picked my son up from daycare, from grade school, middle school and high school. I helped teach him to read and to cook. For a decade when my mom lived nearby I was happily part of the sandwich generation … and I don’t mean corned beef.

No brag, just fact. It’s what PARENTS do these days.

In our case, both my wife and I worked full time and shared duties. I  don’t pretend that it wasn’t hard or that I was perfect. We created schedule flexibility because we had too. I had to educate my employers that I – man, father, husband – needed to be home to spend time with the family and cooking … or at least eating take-out or delivery food together. It was an essential adhesive that held our family together. It was a also a great joy.

Maybe the dudes in Mitt’s generation or social group leave all that icky family stuff to the women, and thus are unaware that the world has changed.

It’s their loss.

In the future, please don’t insult me or the millions of guys in America just like me. If men are going to be in the workplace, you have to treat them with respect.

• John Lehndorff is the editor of Colorado Table in the Aurora Sentinel, Buckley Guardian and Life Science newspapers and web sites. For more Colorado food stories, visit Colorado Table: Contact him at John Lehndorff hosts Radio Nibbles which airs 8:25 a.m. Thursdays on KGNU (88.5 FM, 1390 AM, and

  • Well said, John! Mitt represents one giant step backward for mankind as well as all the rest of us! I’m not sure whether it’s worse if he really believes the crap he spews or if he’s blatantly pandering to a select group who does. Either way, I shudder to think…

  • Frank25

    John and Gye,
    Mitt was simply stating truth of business and Mass politics. That state was 87% democratic or unaffiliated when Mitt served 2002-2006, and women asking for flexible schedules was in papers. Now it is their uterus, birth control, or paps checks. I served in military 1950-1976 and wife could not cook when we married in 1952. Growing up in farm family, as eldest child (of 5) I could cook, sew, bake, work in fields, do chores as all farm kids could. Taught her to cook, and in 60 years of marriage we cooperated in changing diapers, and caring for 3 children. Except when I was on temporary duty, or stationed overseas. (1953,1955, 1959) birth years, and received some grief from other husbands. Politicians have to make statements so print will have something for everyone, so both of you got chance to write an article, and to comment on it. So we all win. I get to let you know you woun’t get a gold star on your calendar from me. I was there and did it too. By the way, do google for Mitt Romney on net, and read Wikipedia about Mitt. He lived a life similar to all of us, and family was not that wealthy. Mitt earned his fortune by his own efforts, having given away his inheritance to church and charities. Open your eyes and don’t accept what you hear, read, or even see in last months of political campaign. Check it out for yourself. I have been Democrat, Independent, Unaffiliated, Republican, and always voted for individuals I believed in. Not parties or special groups. I have to admit last 4 years should not be repeated.

  • reader

    Governor Romney vetoed over 700 bills — but he keeps saying how well
    he worked with the democrats.
    What a guy!

    • Frank25

      That was just in first 2 years, but House and Senate over road the veto. Considering Mass. Senate was not balanced 34 (D) and 6 (R), while House was 137 (D) and 21 (R), with 2 vacancies in 2002, I would say he proved he could lead Democrats from the front. Had $1.5 Billion Deficit when he took office, he balanced budget and left office in 2006 with a surplus. Considering state voters only had 13% republican and 49% unenrolled, left Democrats as controlling party. Both Federal Senators were Democratic (Kennedy and Kerry) and also has taken heat over the healthcare bill. That was a joint support of Romney and Teddy Kennedy (worked 40 years to get that and could not in Senate), Romney signed it into law in 2006. Left office in 2007 after election, and bill was amended in 2008, 2010, and 2012. Still not the cure-all Mass. wanted, since 4% still do not have insurance. Only had 6% uninsured when bill took effect. HE HAS LED, FROM THE FRONT. I WOULD SAY HE IS THE REAL GUY, OR THE REAL MCCOY IN SOME CIRCLES. How about it Reader, want to join me in Hooahs!!!

  • Ex baystater

    So it is Romney’s fault that this woman married a clod? Get real.

  • AuroraResident

    I couldn’t agree more John. I’m a self-employed, husband & dad and do everything that my wife does. Mitt’s living in another decade. One that has past us by a loooong time ago.

  • chris

    John, not sure what you were reading/watching, but he cited the woman making dinner as ONE example while talking about women in the workplace. Would you have the same outrage if his preferred example was a man trying to get home to make dinner for his kids? Was he wrong to quote a woman who had actually worked for him? Would it have made since to even talk about a man in a similar situation as yours at that moment of the debate? I’m sure plenty of women would have taken issue had he done that. Can’t always do the PC thing and make every comment all inclusive. I’m sorry you feel like you need to make a point out of a non-issue.