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“Rigs are only one part of the picture,” Bernadette Johnson, vice president of Market Intelligence at DrillingInfo in Littleton, told Colorado Public Radio . “What matters more is how quickly those rigs can drill wells, and how big those wells are.”

“There was just not much they could do for me if I was to get caught, then it would become very complicated for me, and so I made the decision to go back home,” he said over the phone from Ales, a town in the south of France, where he and his wife are house-sitting while he looks for a new job.

Prosecutors decided to re-try former El Paso County sheriff Terry Maketa after a jury in July found him not guilty on several charges and deadlocked on others, including felony extortion. The second trial ended on Feb. 5 when jurors acquitted Maketa of two counts of official misconduct and deadlocked on extortion charges.