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FILE - This March 25, 2004, image shows workers with Art Reach Services installing the "Sodbuster, San Isidro" sculpture by University of Houston art professor Luis Jimenez in front to the Fine Arts Building at the University of Houston in Houston, Texas. New Mexico preservation officials are pushing for the home and studios of Jimenez to be added to the National Register of Historic Properties. Jimenez, a successful but often controversial sculptor whose work has been displayed at the Smithsonian and the Museum of Modern Art, died in 2006. (AP Photo/Thomas Shea, University of Houston)

“Even though his work is relatively recent, there’s really a consensus among art historians and museum curators and art critics on his importance in late 20th century American art,” said Steven Moffson, state and national register coordinator with the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division.

In this Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014 photo, Ellen Bornet, of Rose Associates, left, general manager of London Terrace Gardens in New York, greets resident Lisa Bulloch-Jones and her Maltese-Yorki mix, Marley, as Bulloch-Jones fills out a permission to enter form for her dog walker. Pet security deposits register in the hundreds of dollars and are getting steeper. Apartment managers nationwide say they require some safety net against pet damage, while others won’t allow animals at all. (AP Photo/Rose Associates, Rebecca Koppel)

“One out of 50 people will say, ‘I can’t believe you charge pet rent,’ but most accept it,” said Stacy Leighty, who manages over 400 properties in Salem, Oregon, and added the monthly fee after her financial adviser said it would boost revenue and is becoming more widespread.


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