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This photo taken on May 25, 2016 shows the "Spirit of America" Bates bedspread in a home in Pasadena, Calif., woven by Maine Heritage Weavers.  (Solvej Schou via AP)

“It takes three to four weeks to make a bedspread, from getting the yarn, to weaving, finishing and washing,” said Bianca Cloutier, 29, vice president of sales and marketing for Maine Heritage Weavers. “We get emails to this day from couples who’ve had their Bates bedspread since the ’50s, when they got married. A woman told me, ‘My bedspread lasted longer than my marriage.'”

This image released by Warner Bros. Entertainment shows Ryan Gosling, left, and Russell Crowe in a scene from "The Nice Guys." (Daniel McFadden/Warner Bros. Entertainment via AP)

Gosling and Crowe do have chemistry, and an obvious sense of humor which gets them far. They’d have gotten farther, though, if the movie, while at times hilarious, didn’t have such an uneven feel, particularly a nasty edge that simply clashes with the desired jocular tone. Yes, there’s such a thing as dark comedy, but this is a comedy that occasionally just makes you feel queasy. There were moments I knew I was supposed to be laughing but found myself scribbling in my notes: “hmm, funny but not?”


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