“I was going to throw a little chip, and I kind of missed, and then I kind of stepped on his cleat and then my other cleat slipped. I did the splits a little bit. Freak accident,” Ball said. “I don’t know what’s going on, if somebody put a hex on me or something. But I’m not sitting here playing the woe-is-me card.


“There wasn’t anything dirty about a player. There wasn’t anything dirty about coaching. It’s just something that happened where they screwed up and it cost us a 77-yard touchdown,” Fox said.

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“I’ve been coaching for 37 years, it’s the dirtiest play I’ve seen,” Arians fumed. “It was a flat chop block and put him out of the game. I know John Fox, great coach and great guy. Somebody has got to answer to that. A fine isn’t going to do it, when he’s going to miss three or four weeks, on a blatant chop block.

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“We’re not afraid of those guys,” Royals ace James Shields said Sunday night. “We’re going to go out there and play our game — but obviously, we’re going to worry about that tomorrow.”

The autonomy structure went into effect on Wednesday, which was also the first day for the power conferences to offer suggestions about what rules they want to implement.