Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Hard to understand Coffman’s position on women

As a resident and voter in Aurora, I have been carefully watching the campaign advertisements of both Mike Coffman (the Republican) and Andrew Romanoff (the Democrat). I paid special attention to Congressman Coffman’s newest TV ad, which depicts him as …

LETTERS: In support of Andrew Romanoff

As business, civic and government leaders and as members of Colorado’s Latino community, we wholeheartedly endorse Andrew Romanoff for Congress. Andrew’s career is a testament to his courage and compassion.  He worked tirelessly in the Colorado House to improve our …

COFFMAN: VA Sec. Shinseki isn't leading and must get out of the way

COFFMAN: VA Sec. Shinseki isn’t leading and must get out of the way

He seems far more interested in serving the needs of VA bureaucrats than he does about meeting the needs of our veterans and their families

LETTER: If it wasn’t for God, Perry wouldn’t be here to be offensive

Somebody needs to put God into things that are positive, and people like Perry need to keep his opinions to himself

EDITOR: Perry is the “dolt” and he doesn’t have a prayer

EDITOR: Dave Perry is a good example of the “narrow-minded DOLT” that he refers to in the May 8 edition. READ DAVE PERRY’S COLUMN ON GOVERNMENT PRAYER It is probably better that he sits on his dead ass during the invocations, …

ARAPAHOE COUNTY: Drill down to the facts for Aurora city-county notion

ARAPAHOE COUNTY: Drill down to the facts for Aurora city-county notion

We take exception to Aurora Mayor Hogan’s view that Aurora is being “shortchanged” and lacks proper representation

Aurora Chief Oates: Perry wrong to criticize department over child sex assault allegations

We know that our inability to “defend” our actions by disclosing more information leaves the Police Department vulnerable to the criticism Mr. Perry has levied. It is the lot of police officers and police departments everywhere to endure criticism on occasion. We also know well in policing that there is always another side to the story.

RE: Aurora allowing backyard chickens

EDITOR: Unless city officials can provide my family with a daily protein source they can ensure was not cruelly raised and is also completely natural, they can’t deny us our chickens. Perhaps the hundreds of Aurora residents wanting chickens should …

RE: Tour of new VA hospital includes vets, congressional candidate

EDITOR: All of a sudden, Andrew Romanoff is concerned about veterans and the VA hospital? A little late to the party, aren’t you, Andy? I’m sure he wouldn’t have cared less if he wasn’t running for Congress in a district …

RE: Aurora Sentinel editorial insisting that DA plea bargain with massacre shooter James Holmes

EDITOR: Should Holmes be found “innocent by reason of insanity” — Can’t he at least get a conviction with no possibility of a future release? It appears the “reason of insanity” excuse is the problem, not whether he in fact …