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Aurora, and the rest of Colorado can talk all we want about the so-called supreme right to carry a gun anywhere we please. It’s all talk, Aurora. The reality is, that no matter how much of a gun-rights enthusiast you are, no matter how much you think about and appreciate the Second Amendment, when you […]


While the arguments may be emotional to many people, the facts are solid and consistent. Colorado’s weak gun control laws may do little to make the state safer from gun violence, but they do nothing to prevent lawful residents from owning guns.

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While there are things the state must do ensure frugality and fiscal prudence, state lawmakers are irresponsible in not paying for the upkeep of Colorado, creating a shanty state that looks good from the outside, but won’t stand much longer

for pot

One year after Colorado boldly lifted marijuana prohibition and began ringing in retail pot sales with the new year of 2014, we have shown the country, as well as the world, that the arguments for legalizing marijuana are the very reasons why it was the biggest non-story of the year