Just as important are the clear, legal rights of not just victims of these convicts, but the public, too. Fields’ measure allows for convict location information for direct victims in most instances, but the measure precludes the same logical requirement for the public. There is no legal requirement in the bill forcing victims who learn the location of convicts to keep it secret. Such coyness in state law is unnecessary. Simply make clear that the information is available to the public, not just “assigned” victims

The political act of shutting down the government is the height of partisan theatrics. But faced with untrustworthy political “compatriots” in the White House and both houses of Congress, it’s difficult to blame Democrats for reaching for this bludgeon to halt the ongoing deportation of potentially tens of thousands of children and young adults. Democrats acted to protect people that an overwhelming number of Americans, including Republicans, have repeatedly said they want excepted from other immigration law