But more to the point, this inserts her directly into the Republican primary where “reform” is called “amnesty” and where the answer to every question about the 11 million illegal immigrants living in the shadows eventually leads to “we can’t do anything else until we secure the border.”


QUID HAS HEARD that if anyone has a legitimate lawsuit pending in the Aurora theater shooting court-un-drum, it’s Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler. Seems that as news types tried to figure out just how this rule-heavy trial-a-thon was going to work, sketch artists landed in the courtroom to do their thing. You haven’t lived […]


Apparently the tipping point in B-more needs to be met with boilerplate from people running for president. Blah blah moral code. Blah blah family structure. Blah blah idle blather tax cuts Benghazi Monica Lewinsky ISIS.


Gervais wrote on Twitter: “You don’t… take a smiling selfie in a mercy killing. She wanted to murder a giraffe & she did.” But writer Michael P. Naughton once nailed it: “Social media is the delusion of grandeur.”