No wonder some are calling Trump the Siberian Candidate, although a friend, given the Russian hacking, thinks Cyberian Candidate is more fitting. Here’s how John McCain’s former chief of staff, Mark Salter, put it: “Tillerson would sell out NATO for Sakhalin oil and his pal, Vlad. Should be a rough confirmation hearing, and a no vote on the Senate floor.”

MICEK: Donald Trump’s Amerika


The latest blow up also raises anew questions about Trump’s coziness with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, as well as the longstanding ties between Russia and Trump’s pick for secretary of state, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson.


I’m waiting for someone to start a pool on who the most dangerous cabinet-level pick will turn out to be. If I find one, I’m putting my money on Gen. Michael Flynn, the Strangelovian would-be National Security Adviser, whose son and chief of staff was just fired from the Trump transition team for retweeting fake news