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But you can’t keep a good country down. The economy is growing faster than it has for a decade. The Dow is up, and unemployment is down, and no one is complaining about cheap gas except Texas

STANFORD: Adios, Rick Perry


But the genius — and it truly is a genius — of Rick Perry is that he imagined that he was in charge of everything and seemed to convince everyone to go along with it


The race isn’t particularly close, and there seems to be a disconnect as to why the council hasn’t offered the job to any one candidate yet


This to me is the American celebration of Christmas. It’s summed up in those annual Lexus commercials that promise if you’re nice enough to Santa or your spouse truly loves you enough, you deserve a $50,000 luxury car

REAGAN: A Time for Torture


What the CIA did to extract information from the Islamist terrorists was not nice, but it was not really torture.


Quid’s already seeing long, quiet, awkward dinners with Aurora hoo-haws, Adams County oddballs and Arapahoe County stuffed shirts. Quid is unsure who, if anyone, runs DougCo.

December 6, 2014

Rush Limbaugh could get away with playing “Barack the Magic Negro” on his show and Glenn Beck could get away with calling Obama a “racist” on his show and Newt Gingrich could get away with saying you can understand Obama “only if you understand Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior.”


Garner’s widow tells us that the killing of her husband had nothing to do with race. She and Eric were often harassed by police, calling them “Cigarette Man” and “Cigarette Man Wife.”