No wonder he has adopted President Bush’s concept of a “Coalition of the Willing” to fight ISIS. It’s a commonsense approach that he mocked as a candidate and has come to embrace.

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So Gardner is officially against personhood and he’s officially for personhood, which he explains by saying that his co-sponsorship is just a way to send a message


So why is the FBI wasting valuable time and talent searching for hackers who stole naked selfies and cellphone porn videos from wealthy celebrities who are stupid enough to put recordings of their naked behavior on cellphones and “clouds?”


Thanks to the Supreme Court, we have stripped away all the pretenses about money and politics. Money is speech. Speech is money. PACs have evolved (devolved?) into Super PACs and Super PAC dark money has become the black hole of politics


When it comes to Africa, whether we’re talking about Ebola, AIDS, extreme poverty, or religious extremism—the conversation should be more triage than finger wagging. What is the quickest way to help the most people in these countries? First and foremost: economic opportunity—growth


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