QUID HAS HEARD that there’s a fomenting storm brewing over the funky beer on tap at the oh-so-popular Arapahoe County Fair. Seems that fair folk hit pay-dirt this year when throngs, yes throngs, of goers filled acres of parking and stood in long lines for rides and a chance to see an actual pig or […]

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There’s no shortage of publicity maestro, name-emblazer Donald Trump think pieces on the Internet these days. Most will attribute his straight talk to his more-than-likely-fleeting frontrunner status. Others point to some anger or racism the Trump Brand Name has tapped into. The rest? Apologists or denouncers. But all seem to agree that Trump is bad […]

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The shooter, we’re told, was a drifter, a word you rarely hear outside Hollywood westerns. But this couldn’t be a western, because in the West, they took your guns at the town limits. Or at least that’s how they did it in the movies. Anyway, the drifter, a 59-year-old man named John Russell Houser, had […]

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Tom Sullivan holds up a photo of his son Alex Sullivan pleading the media to help find him as family members of the victims of the Century 16 Theatre shootings in Aurora,  Colorado July 20, 2012 receive news on the status of their loved ones outside Gateway High School a few blocks from the crime.  14 people reported dead and dozens more were injured early Friday when shots rang out at an Aurora movie theater during a premiere showing of the new Batman movie. REUTERS/ Evan Semón(UNITED STATES)

I am embarrassed that I cannot begin to touch that place inside my head that would imagine how much more it sucks every day for you and your family. The place that imagines that it was my kid in that theater, along with the Teves’ and the Sullivans’. I cannot go there after watching those parents who had to

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