There was no apology. There was no contrition. There was a strange, unprecedented trip deep into a place where the democratic project that we call America had never before entered. It was ugly. It was dispiriting. It was Donald Trump at his most raw — far more raw even than Trump’s bragging about assaulting women


And that would be the acrid smell of Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations as the remnants smolder in the glaring October sun. Burnt toast. Meanwhile, his fellow Republicans are now sniff-sniff-sniffing for smoke in fear that the political wildfire that engulfed Trump’s campaign this weekend will spread down-ticket to those who supported him and others who […]

karikatur Donald Trump

“Trump mocked a reporter’s physical handicap. Picked a fight with a Gold Star family. Insulted POWs. Suggested a Latino judge can’t be fair because of his heritage. Proposed banning Muslim immigration. Each of those comments show a stunning lack of human decency, empathy and respect. Taken together they reveal a candidate who doesn’t grasp our national ideals.” And those were the nicest things the Republic had to say about Trump.

LITTWIN: Be afraid. Be very afraid

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a event with The Remembrance Project, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016, in Houston. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Now that we’re seven weeks out from Election Day, there is no longer any Option 2. If you doubt it, just check in, as I do far too often, with the Nate Silver prediction model, which today gives Trump a 41 percent chance of becoming president. That’s four chances in 10. For the math-impaired, that’s dangerously close to 50-50, a coin flip.