71 will make changing the Colorado constitution so difficult that only powerful corporations will have the capacity to bring amendments before the voters. The result is that the people of Colorado, from every region, and across the political spectrum, will have less political power not more. 71 is yet another way to rig the system against the citizens.

In this Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016, photo, U.S. Congressman Mike Coffman, R-Colo., makes a point during a debate with his opponent for Colorado's 6th Congressional District seat, Democrat Morgan Carroll, at a Spanish language television station in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

For Republicans grappling with immigration in 2013, opposing the Senate’s Gang of Eight plan was more than just splitting hairs on the particulars of a bill – or advocating a “slower” approach, as the Post characterized it. Rather it was a decision that doomed reform in an attempt to appease anti-immigrant hardliners in the conservative base.