The media war of words is over. As usual, Republicans, Pence and conservatives lost. They were whipped in the public relations battle and the political battle, just as liberals hoped.


How do you say no to this deal? If it’s a real deal — if the details come to life in a real-time agreement — the easy answer is that you don’t. Not unless you’ve got something better.

Littwin: Aw-shucks, America


Indiana governor and likely Republican presidential candidate Mike Pence is shocked (shocked!) to discover the pandering anti-gay law he signed is abhorrent to much of the country


Any trial and jury consultant in the country, some of whom have been paid handsomely to consult for both sides in this case, will reveal that trials like this aren’t about getting to the truth, it’s about using theatrics, psychology and research to get jurors to take their side and stick with it


“Think of the children” is almost always an emotional and irrational appeal made in desperation by those who don’t have a reasonable or legitimate argument.