When it comes to Africa, whether we’re talking about Ebola, AIDS, extreme poverty, or religious extremism—the conversation should be more triage than finger wagging. What is the quickest way to help the most people in these countries? First and foremost: economic opportunity—growth


Hickenlooper’s part was in giving a clumsy answer to a hypothetical question about Nathan Dunlap in a not-yet-aired CNN interview on capital punishment. And Complete Colorado — a conservative website — was the one that got hold of the unreleased audio featuring the clumsy answer

REAGAN: Over-Covering Ferguson


We need journalists to dig up accurate new information, challenge the authorities, debunk rumors and lies and provide perspective, thoughtful analysis and commentary


Despite what Dick Cheney would tell you, Obama has played his bad hand reasonably well. Yes, he overreached with his line in the sand in Syria, but he did resist getting involved in Syria’s civil war. He didn’t go into Iraq until it was clear that Nouri al-Maliki was actually ready to give up power.