Now his own children and grandchildren must suffer from the public knowledge that he was a vicious serial rapist, not a good family man


We’re thankful for outbursts at city council meetings, the resonance from city hall tiles, open records requests, readers with female (pen) names who write to us, ex-politicians, current politicians and future politicians


The immigration-reform standoff? Obviously, this is about Obama. And here’s how this thing might well play out: When Obama makes his big speech on executive authority, don’t be surprised if he asks Republicans to please do the right thing and pass an immigration-reform bill that would make his reluctantly-invoked executive orders go away

DUPUY: Think Over ‘Under God’


“The founders believed our inalienable rights derive from a power higher than government,” writes Huckabee. “’Under God’ is a reminder that elected officials did not grant us our rights, and have no power to rescind them.”


The American public — or at least a majority of American voters — was real stupid in 2008 and especially in 2012 when it put Obama in charge of the world’s most important country for eight years