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Another painfully public tale of throwing your daughter under the bus is Rachel Dolezal. While the national discourse instantly tee-heed and tsk-tsked at a white woman identifying herself as black, immediately branding her as a freak, a fraud and a phony—we all missed the real story. Why are her parents on TV at all?


After watching the big Jeb! announcement, all I could think of was that Hillary Clinton must be ecstatic. Come on. Who else would she rather run against — I mean, other than Lindsey Graham or Ted Cruz? Or Ben Carson or Mike Huckabee? Or Chris Christie or Bobby Jindal? Jeb! has a lot of things […]

In 1915, Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker bought a hot dog stand in Coney Island and went about undercutting the boardwalk’s other restaurants by half. These five-cent sandwiches were so much cheaper than other offerings consumers were leery of their content. To counter this, Handwerker famously hired actors to wear lab coats and eat his hot […]


“There are still people who won’t get on an elevator with me,” Pam said. While working as a lobbyist at the Colorado state Capitol about 10 years ago, there were Republican lawmakers who regularly sneered and snubbed her, and often let her ride up to the second story in the elevator alone. She laughs it off.