At the root of it all? We don’t know what in the hell we’re talking about. In study after study, American students fall further and further down the world list of kids who understand math and science.

REAGAN: Riding the wave


Republican Party bosses deserve three cheers and full credit for their mid-term election strategy, their passion and their hard work. Their anti-Obama campaign worked well.


If Ted Cruz stays the course of conservative leadership and McConnell is replaced as Senate Leader, the Republican Party has the chance to achieve great success in pushing through policies that will actually create an environment in which businesses can grow and individuals can succeed


Although Coffman once drank mightily from Tom Tancredo-flavored Kool-Aid, I’ve heard him repeatedly say he’s off the stuff. He regularly tells crowds that he has been in the forefront of immigration reform that allows ways for people who came here illegally, to get legal and even become citizens in some cases


There is at least one very good reason to vote for Cory Gardner. That would be, of course, if you’re a fan of chaos, as I certainly am. If Gardner were to win, the Republicans would almost certainly win control of the Senate. And no longer would there be the well-documented, brain-numbingly predictable dysfunction that […]


Lockheed Martin will be bringing high-paying space jobs to the metro area and Quid is eager to put in his resume because we’ve always wanted to be an astronaut