Yes, Keystone. Not immigration reform. Not Obamacare. Not over-the-counter birth control. Not ISIS. Not entitlements. Not the debt. Not guns. Not NSA. Not long-term unemployment. Not equal pay for women. Not same-sex marriage. Not the economy. Not income inequality. Not Broncos-Seahawks


Those few seconds of silent and grainy elevator video were all the news media, the Ravens’ ownership and the NFL front office needed to try, convict and sentence Rice to a prime-time lynching.


Obama didn’t say how long it would take, only that it would take a while. He didn’t say how we’d know the mission was, uh, accomplished. And he didn’t say why, if we left again, that another ISIS or al-Qaeda in Iraq or some other disaffected group wouldn’t simply emerge in its place, starting the cycle over again


No wonder he has adopted President Bush’s concept of a “Coalition of the Willing” to fight ISIS. It’s a commonsense approach that he mocked as a candidate and has come to embrace.