People stand still during a minute of silence at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, Monday, Nov. 16, 2015, to honor the victims of the terrorist attacks in France on Friday, Nov. 13, 2015. Multiple attacks across Paris on Friday night have left scores dead and hundreds injured. (Kay Nietfeld/dpa via AP)

It must be obvious to anyone paying attention that ISIS is hoping not just for a strong reaction but for an overreaction. That’s why the ISIS brand of terror is nearly always terror at its most intentionally provocative. Overreaction brings recruits. Horror brings recruits. A beheading video demands a response. Destroying iconic pieces of past […]

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DURST: Anchor Baby Battle

September 10, 2015

Donald Trump dominated the early rounds of the Xenophobic Grand Nationals, vowing to deport all 11,000,000 undocumented residents

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A lot of parents were upset about this development, which makes sense. How do you explain to a fifth-grader that the guy he used to snap towels with in the locker room now knows the “Frozen” soundtrack by heart? But of course they were called bigots by some, misguided by others and touchingly anachronistic by the most tolerant

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Joy Jones shuffles through her prescriptions, Aug. 14 at her home in north Aurora. Jones qualified for the "Stretch Your Dollar" Medicare savings program, run by the Colorado Gerontological Society, that helps seniors pay for things like doctors' bills and healthy food.  (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel)

For many people, fall means pumpkin-flavored lattes, hayrides and apple orchards. But for the 46 million Americans over 65, there’s another important annual event – the Medicare Open Enrollment Period – which is October 15 to December 7. During the open enrollment period, it is crucial for Medicare beneficiaries to take charge of their health care and understand […]

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Ted Cruz extolled the “incredible economic growth” under Calvin Coolidge, somehow forgetting that Coolidge’s laissez faire attitude paved the way for the Great Depression.

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In this March 11, 2013 photo, Colorado State Sen. Lucia Guzman, D-Denver, and her colleagues, vote inside the Colorado State Legislature, in Denver. Guzman was 27 when her father was beaten to death, but she’s always opposed capital punishment. The personal experiences of lawmakers play a role in their thinking as the legislature debates this year whether to abolish the death penalty in Colorado, with stories from lawmakers interwoven into the debate. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

It’s time for state lawmakers to focus on the middle class, and not attempt to score political points. Coloradans worked too hard to keep us out of the Great Recession to see their state representatives engage in Washington-style political games.

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QUID HAS HEARD that Colorado Gov. and Nice Guy John Hickenlooper is spending most of his time on Craigslist, Andy Hudson’s Jobs List and posting flyers on every third streetlight up and down Colfax Avenue in search of a new sidekick, err— lieutenant governor. Seems that Joe Garcia is headed for much greener pastures (think […]

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Donald Trump makes a point as Marco Rubio, left, and Ben Carson listen the Republican presidential debate at the Milwaukee Theatre, Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

When the GOP debate was finally over and the Fox Business Network softballs were all put away, the last thing I expected to be thinking of was something that Jeb Bush had said. But there it was. The hottest topic of the debate turned out to be illegal immigration, and Jeb! had joined John Kasich […]

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I was a late bloomer and pretty embarrassed that I was the only girl in the room that didn’t need a bra. The last thing I needed was a boy in the locker room, whether he wore pink bows in his hair or not

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