Tom Sullivan holds up a photo of his son Alex Sullivan pleading the media to help find him as family members of the victims of the Century 16 Theatre shootings in Aurora,  Colorado July 20, 2012 receive news on the status of their loved ones outside Gateway High School a few blocks from the crime.  14 people reported dead and dozens more were injured early Friday when shots rang out at an Aurora movie theater during a premiere showing of the new Batman movie. REUTERS/ Evan Semón(UNITED STATES)

I am embarrassed that I cannot begin to touch that place inside my head that would imagine how much more it sucks every day for you and your family. The place that imagines that it was my kid in that theater, along with the Teves’ and the Sullivans’. I cannot go there after watching those parents who had to

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State Sen. Morgan Carroll, left and Congressman Mike Coffman, right, battling in 2016 for the 6th Congressional District seat

See if this sounds familiar. Former state Senate president Morgan Carroll, who announced she’s running against Mike Coffman in the 6th CD, is seen as the Democrats’ last, best chance to win the seat. If that doesn’t sound familiar, you’re probably in the wrong space. It was just last year that Andrew Romanoff, the former […]

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New Senate President Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora, bangs the gavel during the opening of the 2014 session of the Colorado Legislature, at the Capitol, in Denver, Wednesday Jan. 8, 2014. Colorado Democrats began the 2014 legislative session with a tenuous grasp on the state Senate after two recalls over gun restrictions.  Democrats still control both chambers and the direction of the lawmaking term that opened Wednesday. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

QUID HAS HEARD that the heat is on, outside in the sun and inside the political back rooms. As the mercury climbs, so, too does the hyperbole and rhetoric. The perfect example is the race to keep warm Aurora’s coveted 6th Congressional District seat, currently under the back-end of incumbent Mike Coffman. Longtime Aurora state […]

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The two biggest stories of the day in presidential politics are so obvious that I only wish I had bothered to predict them. One, Bernie Sanders as Liberal Rock Star’s Midsummer Threat to Hillary Clinton’s Inevitability Campaign. Two, Donald Trump as, well, Donald Trump. The two stories are often told in the same (very long) […]

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