Example number one: There would be less reporting recently on the plight of homeless veterans had Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald not lied about his military experience.


The irony, of course, is if Bill were a journalist—if we held him to any known journalistic standards—he’d be out of a job. Being a fake journalist pretending to have been in combat zones has much better job security.


Brian Williams probably isn’t a liar. Based on recent revelations, amplifications and clarifications, he appears to be a serial exaggerator. To his critics that’s a distinction without a difference, which is why NBC News would be wise to replace him permanently in the anchor chair rather than suspend him for six months. Williams’ case is […]

REAGAN: Living in Obamaworld


Pay no attention to all those grim realities at home, says our strange man in the Oval Office. All is well on Obama World.