salman yousafzai, pakistan

Despite the bullets, beatings, relentless frustrations, disappointments and the raw worry, neither Azam nor Salman can imagine doing anything else. Nothing else is more important for their friends, their families and their country.

DUPUY: Please Politicize Ebola


“Politicize” is a jab meaning the other side is trying to capitalize on a news topic. “The Republicans have tried to politicize the border crisis,” says Nancy Pelosi. Reince Priebus says Democrats are trying to politicize Benghazi. Jay Carney says Republicans are trying to politicize Benghazi. Steny Hoyer says Republicans are trying to politicize the […]


But Director James Comey says the hard-core terror group Khorasan is planning to attack the United States and is “looking to do it very, very soon.”


“They’re going to turn your kids gay unless we deregulate business!” “Straight marriage won’t exist unless the wealthy get more tax breaks!” “People will marry llamas unless we cut government spending!”