Any trial and jury consultant in the country, some of whom have been paid handsomely to consult for both sides in this case, will reveal that trials like this aren’t about getting to the truth, it’s about using theatrics, psychology and research to get jurors to take their side and stick with it


“Think of the children” is almost always an emotional and irrational appeal made in desperation by those who don’t have a reasonable or legitimate argument.

DUPUY: The Anarcho-GOP


The GOP has the largest majority in the House since the Great Depression and Speaker of the House John Boehner has had his own bills FAIL anyway


I mean, when they signed the letter, could the 47ers really have expected that respected foreign policy experts would write that Republicans hate Obama more than they hate a nuclear Iran?


“Despite all the obstacles, there’s never been a better time to be born female,” said Clinton. But cautioned, “We’re not there yet.”