I don’t know what date you’ve got in your when-will-the-Donald-finally-implode pool, but there’s a lot of smart money down on Debate Night, Aug. 6. As The New York Times put it, Thursday’s Debate Night is – in a word — huge. Huge for Trump, and maybe for the other guys, too. The thinking is that […]

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Oh, and there’s the ever-so-compelling “Donald Trump Breast Pump Bump and Dump” in which he freaked out at a lawyer allegedly wanting to pump baby milk during a deposition. She denies desiring public pumping. He denies freaking out.

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Whenever the Republicans target Planned Parenthood, I always remember what Jon Kyl said in the spring of 2011. Because the GOP senator’s lie — and a spokesman’s defense of that lie — nicely illustrates the party’s eternally hostile attitude.

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QUID HAS HEARD that there’s a fomenting storm brewing over the funky beer on tap at the oh-so-popular Arapahoe County Fair. Seems that fair folk hit pay-dirt this year when throngs, yes throngs, of goers filled acres of parking and stood in long lines for rides and a chance to see an actual pig or […]

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There’s no shortage of publicity maestro, name-emblazer Donald Trump think pieces on the Internet these days. Most will attribute his straight talk to his more-than-likely-fleeting frontrunner status. Others point to some anger or racism the Trump Brand Name has tapped into. The rest? Apologists or denouncers. But all seem to agree that Trump is bad […]

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The shooter, we’re told, was a drifter, a word you rarely hear outside Hollywood westerns. But this couldn’t be a western, because in the West, they took your guns at the town limits. Or at least that’s how they did it in the movies. Anyway, the drifter, a 59-year-old man named John Russell Houser, had […]

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