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I FINALLY got to go inside the old Red Cross building on Anschutz Medical Campus this morning. I don’t know what it is about deteriorating and abandoned buildings, but I sure do love them.



Being the only photographer for a weekly newspaper and a monthly magazine can be stressful, but then moments happen that remind you how fun it can be too.

“If there is not adequate leadership in department, we will fundamentally not change it,” Coffman told the committee. “Somebody has to get in there as the new executive director for this agency, and clean at the top.”


I visited The Potter’s House today to cover a story about Texas Christian Youths visiting Aurora to help clean up the church’s food bank. It looked like a handful of other “spring” cleaning projects were going on – including organizing a variety of Halloween animatronics.

Lupine and prickly pear living together in Aurora near East Iliff Avenue and South Peoria Street. Only in Colorado.

AURORA | Legalized pot and Focus on the Family. World-class skiing and cattle drives. Colorado is a land of stark contrasts. Aurora is no exception. Behind an office park is a field full of deserty prickly pear nestled among delicate, cold-loving wild lupine — both in bloom at the same time. You gotta love this […]

I’m all weepy over a reader’s call this morning thanking us here at the Aurora Sentinel for the “incredible public service” we provide —  not only to the community, but the world at large. He went on to say that his “pipe has been clogged up for three days.” He takes a copy of the […]

AURORA | Aurora’s 6th Congressional District incumbent Mike Coffman, R-Aurora, tweeted that he has been appointed to a House “conference committee” to negotiate an agreement on the House and Senate Veterans Affairs accountability and emergency care measures. “I am humbled to be appointed to the conference committee and focused on #VAaccountability so our nations veterans […]