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Brandon Johansson

Reporter for the Aurora Sentinel, Brooding

The crowd in the gallery for the second day of the Aurora theater shooting trial has thinned some from yesterday. On both the victim side and the media side of the courtroom there were a handful of empty seats this morning, though dozens more observers were watching a television feed from an overflow room. Still, […]

A rendering of the race car that will be on display tomorrow at the Colorado Freedom Memorial. Phoeo courtesy Colorado Freedom Memorial.

As you might expect with Memorial Day just a week away, there’s plenty happening at the Colorado Freedom Memorial. For one, the memorial, 756 Telluride St., near Beck Recreation Center and Buckley Air Force Base, will host Furniture Row Racing’s No. 78 Chevrolet from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday. Martin Truex, Jr. will race […]

The relationship between the police and the media can be a touchy one. While the two sides often rely on each other — reporters need the cops to answer our calls, cops often need us to get their message out — the at-times symbiotic relationship is prone to trouble. Usually, the flare-ups in these otherwise-friendly […]

Even on a day filled with heartbreaking stories, the occasional bit of good news pokes through. As our photographer Marla Keown and I headed back this afternoon from Gateway High School — where we tried talk to people connected to Friday’s movie theater massacre — we spotted some of that good news. Perched on top […]

Critics of a controversial police traffic stop have moved from online message boards to Wikipedia. A reader today sent us a link to Aurora police Chief Dan Oates’s Wiki page, which now includes some edits critical of Oates. The edits are a series of criticisms of the department’s controversial decision last month to stop several […]

Good-mood food? An Aurora man appears to disagree that a trip to Arby’s will leave customers feeling good. In a lawsuit filed last week in El Paso County District Court, an Aurora man accuses an Arby’s in Monument of having a defective urinal that shot a blast of hot steam on his genitals a few […]

Aurora police working a seat belt checkpoint last weekend saw a pretty incredible lapse in judgement by a local parent.  Rather than strap their toddler into a car seat, a parent apparently strapped a gas can into the car seat and the child into a regular seat last weekend. The Colorado Department of Transportation posted […]

Nov. 6 could be a very busy day for Leslie Hansen. The long-time Arapahoe County prosecutor is running for District Attorney and if she wins this month’s primary against George Brauchler, her name will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot. By itself, that makes for a hectic Tuesday. But this morning, she added another lofty […]