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Mike Coffman — Republican 10-11:30 a.m. Saturday, May 17 — One-on-one meetings at Bemis Public Library, 6014 S. Datura St., Littleton. Open to the public. 5 minutes for each meeting. Andrew Romanoff — Democrat Public events planned for Friday, May 16 and Saturday, May 17, but details have not been released yet.

COLE: Dear Dad

Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for your patience dad. Thank you for the most you ever spent on me — your time.

How does a bill that the president would sign, 80 percent of Americans agreed with and more than 50 percent of the U.S. Senate voted in favor of, die? A parliamentary procedure called cloture. The universal background check for gun buyers ate lead thanks to Nevada Sen. Harry Reid’s agreement (who voted against the bill, […]

Coming out in favor of reporter shield laws is about as controversial as reaffirming a “pro apple pie” stance. Saying news organizations deserve the right to protect sources isn’t risky at all. That’s the way it should be. News reporters should be allowed to shield whistleblowers and courageous sources willing to put it all on […]

Dear Presidential Candidates, As an officially unaffiliated voter in Arapahoe County, Colo. with a household income that’s slightly on the wrong side of average for the nation, I think you’ve been talking to me. I hear I’m in your wheelhouse because I’m looking for a president that’ll give Americans a better fiscal foothold and ensure […]

see-ee-oohz R stoopid. Chik-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy doesn’t only serve a lot of fried chicken, he also shared the mental capacity of one when he got on a radio show broadcasting from the middle of nowhere and spewed politics instead of Chick-fil-A sauce. This, of course, should surprise no one. That’s because considering the average […]

Anyone brave enough to say mental illness doesn’t effect everyone now? There’s no question that the alleged gunman who killed 12 and injured 58 more was severely, very mentally ill. Stockpiling weapons, ammunition and the creation of a circus-like madhouse of booby traps and incendiary devices isn’t “crazy,” it’s mentally ill. The question now is […]

I’ve gotten a lot of calls from media worldwide are asking the same question over and over today: “What’s Aurora like?” As someone who grew up in this suburb — the last stop east before Kansas City and little brother to Denver to the west — it’s an easy question to answer, this is what […]


“Adventure” might not be its middle name — it’s “XV,” the letters, not 15 — but the Crosstrek certainly sounds like an running shoe and requires just as much agility to pronounce it. From here on out, we’ll just call it the Crosstrek and make it easy on ourselves.

Let me first preface this entire thing with: I like the New York Times enough to pay too much to have it delivered to my home every weekend. Having said that, dance critic Alastair Macaulay’s description of the Statue of Liberty from his bedroom window may be more esoteric than poetry written in Sanskrit. Passages […]