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Managing Editor for the Aurora Sentinel, An Opinion on Everything

Anyone brave enough to say mental illness doesn’t effect everyone now? There’s no question that the alleged gunman who killed 12 and injured 58 more was severely, very mentally ill. Stockpiling weapons, ammunition and the creation of a circus-like madhouse of booby traps and incendiary devices isn’t “crazy,” it’s mentally ill. The question now is […]

I’ve gotten a lot of calls from media worldwide are asking the same question over and over today: “What’s Aurora like?” As someone who grew up in this suburb — the last stop east before Kansas City and little brother to Denver to the west — it’s an easy question to answer, this is what […]


“Adventure” might not be its middle name — it’s “XV,” the letters, not 15 — but the Crosstrek certainly sounds like an running shoe and requires just as much agility to pronounce it. From here on out, we’ll just call it the Crosstrek and make it easy on ourselves.

Let me first preface this entire thing with: I like the New York Times enough to pay too much to have it delivered to my home every weekend. Having said that, dance critic Alastair Macaulay’s description of the Statue of Liberty from his bedroom window may be more esoteric than poetry written in Sanskrit. Passages […]

#FASTFRIDAY: What happens when it (almost) all goes wrong?

Watch champion driver and all-around badass Mark Higgins save a Subaru going 150 mph. The near crash happened almost this time last year at the Isle of Man TT race. Flying around the small British island, setting a record in an Impreza STI was the order of the day, but things got a little hairy […]


I fall in love with everything I see because I’m stupid. No one felt about Betamax like I did. Remember Crystal Clear Pepsi? I cried for 17 days. Fool me into love once, shame on you. Fool me twice, call yourself a former girlfriend. The 2012 Audi A8L isn’t your typical lover — if I […]

#FastFriday: Watch American muscle blitz the German ‘ring

That’s a Corvette ZL1 trashing the Nurburgring record at 7:19:63 — a couple years ago. To be fair, it’s not the production record, but it is the fastest lapping car you could theoretically walk onto a dealer’s lot and buy today. The Viper ACR does it a few seconds faster, but good luck getting your […]


A few days ago, this ultra-rare 1962 Ferrari GTO built for and signed by Stirling Moss just sold for $35 million in a private sale making it the most expensive car in the history of everything. The previous record, according to Automobile Magazine here, was probably for a 1936 Type 57SC Bugatti Atlantic that sold […]

#FastFriday: Walter Röhrl wins the 1980s, world at rally

Umlauts are for two things: Mötorhead and Walter Röhrl. The unbelievable rally driver from the vaunted Group B days puts on a clinic from this classic rally footage. Equally as amazing his Walter’s skills are the amount of access rally fans were given back then. A massive wreck in Portugal (?) ended all that with […]