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COLE: Beer of the Week, Dec. 5


Ladies and gentlemen, I propose that a good amber ale is harder to find than the Easter bunny winning the Powerball and being struck by lightning at the same time. By their definition, amber ales have a tough hill to climb. The amber color naturally comes from highly caramelized malts, which creates more sugar in […]

Photo courtesy Great Divide Brewing co.

“Winter beer” is a lousy category. That presupposes there’s a “summer beer” category and that’s really not a thing either. There’s good beer and bad beer, and most “winter beer” is bad beer. It’s the season that bludgeons you with over-malted, potpourri-smelling, banana-bread beer, because for some reason you’re looking to dull your mind, body and tastebuds […]


Literally once someone asked what beer they should try over the weekend. After the initial surprise of being tabbed as a functional alcoholic friend with one particular benefit, I was honored to tap my encyclopedic (my word, not theirs) of beers and spew something that vaguely resembled a recommendation. Since then, I’ve picked up the banner of […]


For one reason or another, Utah has come up a lot in the last few days. Whether it’s Colorado gubernatorial candidates comparing the states to curious congressional races in the Beehive State, Utah’s hot. Clickbait real estate sites have even gotten on the bandwagon (albeit, with poor efforts.) As a former resident and overall Utah […]

Representative Mike Coffman, Republican: None scheduled. Coffman will be appearing at a Veterans parade on Saturday, but it is not an official campaign event. The parade will be in Downtown Denver at Civic Center Park and begins at 11:30 a.m. Andrew Romanoff, Democrat: Romanoff is scheduled to speak at Eritrea’s 23rd Independence Day Anniversary, 7 […]

Aurora Representative Mike Coffman has been hard on the campaign trail talking immigration, but one of the cornerstone positions — a path to citizenship through military service — may be on its last legs this session. Last week, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor signaled that a similar measure, the ENLIST Act sponsored by California Rep. Jeff […]

Dog the Bounty Hunter is busy these days.  When he’s not runnin’ down outlaws with his wife, Beth, he’s stumpin’ for Tancredo in the only Aurora bar fit to handle Dog — The Stampede. Suggested donation is $100, unless you’re sporting long hair and sunglasses, brother. Link: Reception with Dog the Bounty Hunter