Grandview baseball players Kevin Gausman (left), pitcher, and Greg Bird, catcher, pose during practice March 9 at Grandview High School. (Heather A. Longway/ The Aurora Sentinel)

When they played together on the Grandview baseball team, the future looked pretty bright for Kevin Gausman and Greg Bird. Their success, however, has become absolutely blinding. Barring injury, the outstanding former battery for the Wolves both will have places in the starting lineups of their respective teams — the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees — on the upcoming opening day of the Major League Baseball season.

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Half a spreadsheet with Colorado government records open to public scrutiny is far better than none. State lawmakers are, finally, closer than ever to passing a measure that would modernize Colorado’s treasured open records laws, saving taxpayers money and saving time and money for those who want information from their state and local government that […]