FILE - This Sept. 24, 1997 file photo shows the table on which the convicted murderer Gary Lee Davis was executed in the Colorado State Penitentiary east of Canon City, Colo. Just three people sit on death row in Colorado. Even if Aurora theater mass shooter James Holmes, who was convicted on July 16, 2015, is sentenced to death, he could spend much of the rest of his life in prison awaiting execution. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski, file)

Colorado can no longer even get capital convictions. Even a case as repulsive as the Aurora theater shootings have been unable to persuade a jury to murder the convict for his horrific crime. The only thing that adds up from these cases is the massive bill taxpayers must pony up to prosecute a death penalty case, just to lose it. And even if there’s a win, the exorbitant expense of decades of appeals and special prison accommodations only compounds the folly