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In this undated photo provided by Regis University, Nathaniel Pryor, left, is shown with other American soldiers on patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Pryor has joined with other soldiers to participate in a panel series of talks taking place through April 2017 called "Stories From Wartime," at Regis University in northwest Denver. (Nathaniel Pryor/Regis University via AP)

“I hadn’t vocalized a lot of the things I had (happen) while I was deployed, outside of my family and a few friends. And being able to just go and talk about it and pour your guts out. It gives people a chance to try and fathom these things. That’s the thing with war, unless you’ve gone or have been in the military, you just don’t know. So by telling our stories, where we’ve been, what we’ve done — and giving it with a bit of an edge, exactly what happened, and not sugar coating it. People get more a firsthand account of what it’s actually like to be deployed.”