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Judge says theater shooting lawsuit can go forward

AURORA | A federal judge has rejected Cinemark’s request for the court to toss a lawsuit filed against the theater chain by several victims of the Aurora theater shooting. In a ruling handed down Friday, United States District Judge R. …

Aurora man mistakes insurance adjuster for intruder, fires two shots

AURORA | A 63-year-old man is facing charges after police say he fired two rounds into an empty condominium bedroom because he thought there was an intruder there Monday morning. No one was shot or injured, police said. Aurora Police …

Elderly man seriously hurt in Aurora crash

AURORA | An elderly man suffered possibly fatal injuries in a car crash Friday morning in Aurora. According to Aurora police, the crash happened around 10 a.m. at East Second Avenue and Potomac Street. Police said an elderly man in a …

Investigators release images of Mrachek bombing suspects

Investigators release images of Mrachek bombing suspects

The images, released by Aurora fire, show what appear to be three teenagers, at least one carrying a backpack, walking around the campus

2 men shot outside Federal Heights strip club

The shooting happened around 1:45 a.m. Wednesday following a fight between the two victims and three other people outside the club in Federal Heights.

Holmes' lawyers want death penalty tossed over leak to Fox News

Holmes’ lawyers want death penalty tossed over leak to Fox News

The defense asked the judge to either scrap the death penalty, bar more than a dozen officers who saw the notebook from testifying, or appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the leak

Man dies in crash east of Aurora

AURORA | A 34-year-old man died after a car crash early Friday morning east of Aurora. According to the Colorado State Patrol, the man was driving a 2003 Honda Civic on Highway 40 between Powhaton Road and E-470 when he …

Aurora man convicted of sex assault after posing as ‘immigration doctor’

“This is one of the most disturbing cases I have come across. We will aggressively and appropriately seek justice for those immigrants in our community who are preyed upon by those exploiting their trust in this country.”

Aurora Civil Service upholds controversial cop's suspension

Aurora Civil Service upholds controversial cop’s suspension

“Falco’s history establishes a pattern of conduct where, even after receiving substantial discipline for violations, Officer Falco repeatedly continues to disregard directives,” the commission wrote.

Police: Man shot by guard had realistic pellet gun 

Police say the security guard fired because 25-year-old David Ludewig appeared to raise a handgun. Relatives say the guard confronted Ludewig and his cousin after he urinated near a garbage bin at the complex