Local Politics

“Consumers have money to spend and telemarketers have products to sell — that’s why they contact you. Elections are no different. Voters hold valuable votes and campaigns have a candidate or issue to sell. And that’s why they call, email, mail, knock at your door and overtake television and radio airwaves during most elections,” Haubert said

AURORA | Sally Mounier is hoping to hold on to her seat as the Aurora City Council’s Ward I representative, but she faces a challenge from Crystal Murillo, the 23-year-old candidate who grew up in the ward. Murillo is the daughter of immigrants, a renter and first in her family to earn a college degree — […]

AURORA | The November election will be a major transition for the Aurora Public School no matter who the voters decide to put in charge of the fourth-largest school district in the state. There are four seats up for grabs on the seven-member board and only one incumbent is running among the nine candidates on […]