Around Aurora

After winning custody of his two daughters, Eddie Chavez came back to Denver hoping for a fresh start. But after the death of his brother, the Vietnam War veteran and his two young daughters had few places to turn to. A visit to social services led Chavez to the Comitis Crisis Center in Aurora, where he could stay with Ariana, 9, and Aleiah, 6.

“When I was in the Army, we had young men dying of testicular cancer,” DiBella said as he took a moment to wipe tears from his eyes and compose himself. “Now we expect to cure every one of them. The explosion in the science has been amazing… When I started we were using chemotherapy drugs, and you’d just blast away and hope the patient could survive and the tumor would die. It was not predictable.”

That idea that a story can create a community is the idea behind Aurora Public Schools’ new project “A Story.” The goal of “A Story,” which is a joint venture between the APS Aurora AWARE project and Stories Without Borders, is to give a platform to the diverse student population in the district and help begin to fight the stereotype of what it means to be a student from Aurora

Phamaly’s current production is a collaboration with the Community College of Aurora’s theater department for “Vox: Under Construction.” This version of Vox, which is a long-running series from Phamaly that features sketches written by the performers, features both members of the Phamaly theater company and students at CCA, many of whom are making their first foray to getting on stage

Bridge House, which runs the Ready To Work program, wants to replicate their services in Aurora if they can find a spot similar to the one they have in Boulder. There, the facility sits between an older neighborhood and some businesses. A bank is set to open across the street in the coming months and beyond that is a preschool