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Denver police plan to release details of their security plan Friday. They’ve started a social media campaign with the hashtag #Don’tBeADonkey, featuring a video by former Bronco Ed McCaffrey. The wide receiver says the Broncos are heading to their eighth championship and encourages fans to “act like we’ve been there before.”

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Police say the chef and waiter were in a disagreement over food being delivered to the wrong table at Lynn Britt Cabin. The server was called to the kitchen after the mix up, where he says the chef began yelling and throwing plates of food into the dishwashing station. The waiter said the chef stalked closer to him and held a knife while saying he would stab the waiter.

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Flanked by members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club who did not release their names, the club's counsel, Stephen Stubbs, center, speaks during a news conference in Denver on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016, saying one of the club's members was killed when he tried to disarm a member of the Iron Order who was pointing a gun at a crowd. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

A member of the Mongols motorcycle club was killed when he tried to disarm an Iron Order member who was pointing a gun at a crowd, Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs said Thursday in the latest salvo in the clubs’ ongoing dispute over who sparked the melee

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State Sen. Nancy Todd

DENVER | A bill intended to better mesh the coursework of high school students receiving technical training with community college curricula stalled Thursday, Feb. 4, in the Senate Education Committee after committee chairman Owen Hill, R-Colorado Springs, laid the measure over to consider an amendment. Senate Bill 79, sponsored by Sen. Nancy Todd, D-Aurora, would require the […]

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