Metro Aurora

“It’s just frustrating, because I’m a big, huge, monster concert fan and I’ve always been even before my accident,” Mango said. “Now being in a wheelchair, a lot of my passions are out of my reach. That’s the least I can do (go to concerts), one of the easy things I can do now. It should be fairly easy. It’s just frustrating that it’s almost impossible to get front row here.”

Farduus Ahmed, a Somalian refugee, listens to a panel discussion concerning immigrant policies, rights and mental health on Thursday Dec. 01, 2016 at Aurora Central High School.
Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel

“We are not here to enforce immigration,” Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz told the audience of his department’s stance. “We are not here to detain people for immigration reasons. We are not here to question or investigate an individual’s suspected immigration status. That’s not our role and we’re not going to do that.”