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Employees at Colorado Harvest Company weave  marijuana plants through a Screen of Green (SCOG) to help them grow to their full potential Sept. 25 in Denver. Owner Tim Cullen will be opening a location in Aurora off of South Parker Road and Yale Avenue. As recreational marijuana stores have been opening this month without a hitch the availability of industrial space across the Denver metro region is in question. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel)

“We’ve heard from other companies and brokers that they’ve leased millions of square feet to growers in Denver, which has pushed out a lot of other big employers,” Gorlov said. “The assemblers and manufacturers are trying to develop those 30,000-square-foot spaces, too, and they’re now complaining these marijuana guys are getting all the space.”

Mine Safety and Health Administration administrator Joe Main said Tuesday managers of the Revenue-Virginius Mine near Ouray (yoo-RAY’) improperly disposed of deteriorated explosives in a mine shaft, filling the area with toxic gas, and then failed to seal off the area or ventilate the mine.

Ikea makes push for growth

“Customers still would like to sit in the sofa and feel how comfortable it is,” Peter Agnefjail, Ikea’s president and CEO told The Associated Press in a phone interview Friday.

DENVER | Marijuana regulators in Colorado have already tightened rules on popular forms of edible pot by requiring manufacturers to make it easier to tell how much of the drug consumers are eating. Now they’re writing new rules on what the products themselves look like. A third and possibly final workgroup meeting Monday is hammering out […]

Aurora city council members tour Anadarko Petroleum Corp.'s drilling operations Aug. 24, 2012 in Wattenberg Field. Studies have found that Araphoe County has the fifth highest concentration of oil and gas jobs among all 64 counties across the state. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel)

“I think the main takeaway for me was how spread out the benefits from this industry are,” Lewandowski said. “The benefits stretch far beyond the counties where we have oil and gas production activity.”