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It’s not just because his last few months have been spent living in many of Aurora’s top-tier lodging establishments — including the Hyatt Regency, the Crowne Plaza and about a half-dozen other hotels around town. Although, that living-out-of-his-suitcase lifestyle as he looks for a more-permanent Aurora address has certainly helped

AURORA | If you have ever strolled through one of Colorado’s many world-class craft breweries, you’ve probably seen them: Some guy or gal — likely sporting some sweet threads from Patagonia or REI — with chiseled calf muscles, rock-hard abs and that air of general fitness about them that so many in the Centennial State […]

“It also makes people think this is a pervasive problem, which it isn’t. The new wells have been done so much better than the old ones,” said Diane Kocis, the oil and gas specialist for Arapahoe County. Those improvements include tougher regulations and rules that mandate concrete casings around wells.