This undated photo provided by HARO shows a sidewalk with snow that is melted by snow removal cables. EasyHeat Sno Melter cables can either be attached via clips to your roof or strung through rebar and layered under hard surfaces like cement and asphalt to maintain a constant temperature above freezing. (AP Photo/HARO)

“We all get caught like this,” says Home Depot spokesman Dan White. “We know it’s coming, but we wait until the last minute to get ready. … If you’ve already got some of these things installed, they’re going to save you a lot of headaches.”

FILE - In this April 13, 2010 file photo, women exercise on machines in a gym in central London. January, the start of New Year's resolution month, sees a healthy uptick in sign-ups at gyms and specialized studios offering such things as Pilates, kickboxing and yoga. But money-saving expert Andrea Woroch in Bakersfield, California, said recent statistics show 67 percent of people who join don't use their memberships at all. (AP Photo/Sang Tan, File)

“Gyms across the country see the increase in January and it continues into March as people are still trying to hit that resolution,” Woroch said. “Losing weight is the No. 1 resolution. Getting fit is in the top five, but many people really don’t know how to get there.”

Since open enrollment began on Nov 15 the state has signed up 50000 people through Medicaid and other government programs. Additionally, 121,000 bought private insurance plans through Colorado’s health exchange.

FILE - In this Oct. 15, 2013 file photo, a cow eats in a feedlot at Suwannee Farms in O'Brien, Fla. Dietary guidelines released by the government every five years lay out recommendations for healthy eating. Next year's version may look at what is healthy for the environment, too.  The idea of looking at how food is grown _  not just how it is eaten _ has already provoked outrage from the agriculture and food industries and even Congress. They say an environmental agenda doesn't belong in what has always been practical guidelines for a healthful lifestyle.  (AP Photo/Tamara Lush, File)

The secretaries of the Agriculture and Health and Human Services Departments will take those recommendations into account as they craft the final 2015 guidelines, expected by the end of the year.