This image released by Avery shows a recipe for creamy Thai carrot sweet potato soup, found in  “Oh She Glows Every Day," the second cookbook by plant-based food blogger Angela Liddon. (Ashley McLaughlin/Avery via AP)

“I used to eat a lot of packaged, low-calorie diet foods. I would buy the low-calorie frozen dinners all the time and just a lot of processed foods and once I started eating all these plants and vegetables, I just found my mental energy was much more clear, I could focus on my work, I felt happier, I felt less anxious. For me, it was really discovering that I felt so crummy for a long time and I realized I could eat much more of this food and maintain my weight and have more energy.”

This undated image provided by Trout Point Lodge in Kemptville, Nova Scotia, shows trees with fall colors on the property. The lodge offers guided nature walks that are inspired by the Japanese philosophy of “forest bathing.” Forest bathing experiences encourage participants to slow down and contemplate nature with all their senses as a way of promoting well-being. (Trout Point Lodge, Limited, via AP)

“We walked through the woods and were just able to absorb what was surrounding us: the beauty of nature, the beauty of the world, from the smallest details, the pebbles under your feet or the branches and the bark on the trees, to how the air felt and listening to the sounds around us,” said Rona London, who participated in a forest bathing experience at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York. “It was absolutely wonderful.”

“It’s always a full-contact martial art” to get youngsters to swallow today’s liquid antibiotic several times a day, said senior researcher Dr. Daniel Kohane of Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. A pediatrician and anesthesiologist, he studies novel ways to deliver drugs — and says when he describes the experimental ear gel, “people with kids get this right away.”