‘I see a huge difference in Sandy, and part of that is the physical excerice, of course … but part of it is the light in her eyes,’ said Jenni Dill, life engagement director at Chelsea Place. “’This doesn’t just happen at 10:30 (a.m.), this is Sandy dying her hair blonde on Monday and then getting it curled this morning and then picking out the perfect headband … it’s all of these things, and for her, it’s just so great for her mood.’

‘Medical obviously comes at a lesser price, and needing it medicinally, we need a lot more than a regular person would,’ said Ashley Weber, 32, a Longmont native who uses marijuana to treat chronic pain and PTSD from a car accident that left her in wheelchair.

“No one should go without health care for even a day,” said Wendy Narug of DeMotte, Indiana, a small town south of Gary. A political independent who leans Republican, Narug works caring for people with disabilities. She favors repealing the Obama health law, but not until Congress and President Donald Trump have a replacement ready.