Test accurately rules out heart attacks in the ER

Test accurately rules out heart attacks in the ER

"We believe that with this strategy, 20 to 25 percent of admissions to hospitals for chest pain may be avoided," said Dr. Nadia Bandstein of the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.

Low-cost Dominican surgeries spark warnings by US

Low-cost Dominican surgeries spark warnings by US

"We want to know exactly what happened," said Bernadette Lamboy, Brignoni's godmother. "We want to know if there was negligence."

US autism estimate rises to 1 in 68 children

NEW YORK |The government’s estimate of autism has moved up again to 1 in 68 U.S. children, a 30 percent increase in two years. But health officials say the new number may not mean autism is more common. Much of …

Gardner: Personhood a ‘settled issue’ in Colorado

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Rep. Cory Gardner, moving toward the middle in a Senate race with national stakes, said Tuesday he abandoned his longtime support for measures giving legal rights to fertilized human eggs because it is a “settled issue” …

Birth control rule seems to divide Supreme Court

WASHINGTON | Seemingly divided, the Supreme Court struggled Tuesday with the question of whether companies have religious rights, a case challenging President Barack Obama’s health overhaul and its guarantee of birth control in employees’ preventive care plans. Peppering attorneys with …

Vaccine measure advances in Colorado

The bill, which passed 42-19, makes it harder for parents to claim personal objections to vaccines before enrolling their kids in schools or daycare.

FUTURE MEDICINE: Doctors practice speeding up trauma care

FUTURE MEDICINE: Doctors practice speeding up trauma care

There's a "mission control" room filled with video screens where trainers keep track of the action. The walls are see-through

Q&A: Am I stuck in my job's costly health plan?

Q&A: Am I stuck in my job’s costly health plan?

WASHINGTON | The new health care law helps some people, hurts others and confuses almost everyone. Hoping to simplify things a bit, The Associated Press asked its Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus followers for their real-life questions about the program …

Colorado won't hike tobacco age to 21

Colorado won’t hike tobacco age to 21

"Do we tell them, you may not do this, we're going to stop them? Or do we urge them to take responsibility for their actions and treat them like adults?" Rep. Daniel Kagan asked. "I come down on the side of treating 18-to-20-year-olds like adults."

Vote looms on hiking tobacco age to 21

DENVER  | Colorado lawmakers are set to vote on a proposal that would raise the tobacco age from 18 to 21. The House Finance Committee is scheduled to vote on the proposal on Wednesday. The bill would have to clear …