In this Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015 photo, psychologist Tim Bono poses for a photo with childhood ribbons and awards in his office at Washington University in St. Louis. A while back, Bono, 32, discovered the relics from his past that reinforced what he and so many in his generation were told, that they were special and could do anything they set their mind to. "My generation has been bathed in messages of how great we are and how anything is possible for us," Bono says, noting that that mindset can easily lead to disappointment. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Are you happy? Very happy? If you’re in your 30s or older, a new study has found that you’re less likely to answer “yes” than your parents were. The findings, being published online Thursday in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, come on the heels of another recent report that found that death rates […]

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AURORA | Workwell Occupational Medicine, which specializes in work-related injuries and occupational health services, is hosting a “lunch and learn” event from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12, at their Aurora clinic, 3350 N. Peoria St., Suite 190. A box lunch is included, and the event will include a presentation from Scott Sullivan on […]

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