AURORA | If you have ever strolled through one of Colorado’s many world-class craft breweries, you’ve probably seen them: Some guy or gal — likely sporting some sweet threads from Patagonia or REI — with chiseled calf muscles, rock-hard abs and that air of general fitness about them that so many in the Centennial State […]

“I do understand the need that MCPN has,” said City Council Member Brad Pierce, who serves as chairman of the Management and Finance Committee. “They’re having to serve more people in their services, so I do think there’s a definite need for their expansion … I just can’t predict what council will do.”

AURORA | Much to the chagrin of several local politicos, the Aurora Housing Authority, an arm of the city dedicated to erecting affordable housing projects, won’t be developing a new homeless veterans housing complex in north Aurora in the coming years, Housing Authority officials confirmed this week. The contract to build a proposed 60-unit development for […]