This 2013 photo provided by Alison King shows a commemorative plaque on buildings at the Petrified Forest National Park visitors compound, an example of modern architecture with their flat roofs, low silhouettes and large windows that open up to the vast expanse of rainbow-colored desert. Spanning dozens of acres, the structures provided everything the park staff and visitors would need: a gas station, restaurant, community building, maintenance shop, housing, even a two-room elementary school. The National Park Service entrusted the design to prominent architects Richard Neutra and Robert Alexander ahead of the agency’s 50th birthday, and it’s the only project of theirs still standing within the Park Service.(AP Photo/Alison King)

The Petrified Forest complex was on track to be demolished in 1993, but lack of funding derailed that plan and it was declared safe in 2004, said park Superintendent Brad Traver.


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