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Paul Page, Molly Killoran and Jan Cleveland star in "Other Desert Cities" at the Vintage Theatre.

Turn on cable TV anytime before bedtime on a day that ends in “day” and you’re bound to encounter some incarnation of the 21st Century family. Whether it’s the whirlwind drug trafficking of the Whites, the bow-tied zaniness of the Pritchetts or the fresh idiosyncrasy of the Huangs — it’s unmistakable that days of vanilla-on-eggshell […]

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Pamela Clifton playfully hides behind a mask used in a production of "J.B." as she excitedly talks about The Vintage Theatre's new youth program, Feb. 9 at the theater in Aurora.  Clifton is in charge of the new program which is intended for children ages 6-18 interested in pursuing acting, set design and myriad other aspects of stagecraft. Working toward an eventual final production to be held on the Vintage MainStage, students will hone their skills for 2-3 hours a week during 10-week sessions during the school year and six weeks during the summer.

With over 30 years of theatrical education experience, Clifton is the head of the Vintage’s new Vintage Youth Program, which offers classes, workshops and myriad opportunities for behind and onstage experience to local children ages 6 — 18. The program starts it’s inaugural 10-week session on Feb. 16.

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In this image released by Brooklyn Academy of Music, Salvatore Inzerillo, from left, James Harms, Nathan Lane and Brian Dennehy appear in a scene from “The Iceman Cometh”,  performing at the BAM Harvey Theater in the Brooklyn Borough of New York. (AP Photo/Brooklyn Academy of Music, Richard Termine)

The entire excellent ensemble from the well-received 2012 production at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre is performing Eugene O’Neill’s dark, nearly five-hour 1939 classic through March 15, in its New York premiere at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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Maria Cheng is the executive director of Theatre Esprit Asia, the mountain west's first and only theater catered to Asian American show runners and theatergoers. This Spring, TEA is slated to move into the bustling ACAD building at 1400 Dallas Street in north Aurora, as well as converting the gallery into a 48-seat performance space. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel)

“This is a huge boon to us, and puts a whole new complexion on our second, three-year plan,” said Cheng, now executive director of TEA. “I think it’s another step toward the sound governance, stability and legitimacy of our

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