Stage and Comedy

“I have grown tired, then exhausted and it has come time to close,” Packard wrote. “In the 19 years I’ve been at the Fox we have had a few failures, many successes and tremendous growth. The audience has changed and the neighborhood has changed. I have grown as an artist.
“I will be spending the next few months ‘in the sandwich.’ My parents are aging and my kids are growing fast. I will be with them while my artistic and public servant batteries recharge.”

When the Colorado Ballet’s “The Little Mermaid” came to the June Swaner Gates Concert Hall last week, I figured “Why not?” I dressed Cici in a fancy green dress, ill-fitting white shoes with tiny heels and headed to the concert hall, which is at University of Denver’s Newman Center for the Performing Arts. To say I didn’t know what to expect is an understatement.

The folks at OPENair are inviting families to stop by their tricked-out creative space this Friday to, well, make stuff with knickknacks and paddy whacks — either those you bring from home or used from the school’s supplies. It’s a solid excuse, ahem, opportunity, to take the family out and learn something … and sample some of the delicious food, drink and wares at any of the nearly two dozen other establishments currently open at Stanley