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This image released by Sam Rudy Media Relations shows, from left, Jennifer Kim, Catherine Combs and Kyle Beltran in a scene from Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ play "Gloria", currently performing off-Broadway at the Vineyard Theatre in New York.  (Carol Rosegg/Sam Rudy Media Relations via AP)

Jennifer Kim is memorably bitchy as Kendra, whose own boss avoids her, and Catherine Combs is only marginally nicer as Anika. Ryan Spahn exudes likeability as very decent and very hung-over Dean, while Kyle Beltran is polished as Harvard-educated intern Miles, who politely fetches sodas for these spoiled assistants. Michael Crane gives a haunted air to Lorin, a bookish older fact-checker who keeps reappearing to shush the youngsters, then suddenly gives a moving speech about the futility of his career.

Haley Johnson, as Jessie, and Emma Messenger, as Mama, star in “‘Night Mother” at the Vintage Theater. (Photo provided)

“To do a classic like “‘Night, Mother”, but to do it very well, kind of speaks to the mission of who we are and of bringing in vintage works that people had never seen or hadn’t seen for a very long long time,” Bond said. “We’re thrilled for the two women, the director and the designer to have been nominated and get this recognition for their work.”


Theater geeks and casual goers alike are spoiled for choice these days when it comes to catching a show anywhere along the Front Range. This summer is no exception.

Haley Johnson, as Jessie, and Emma Messenger, as Mama, star in “‘Night Mother” at the Vintage Theater. (Photo provided)

The show’s pace, the rare moments of comic relief, the tension and the unexpected create a dramatic time bomb that keeps ticking faster and faster as the two women careen to the show’s end. Prepare to leave the show spent and wiser

Brandon Palmer and Drew Hirschboeck in the Spotlight Theatre production of “Rope,” playing at the John Hand Theater in Lowry. (Photo by Solar Radiant Photography)

The favorite flap-lipped fear monger of cine-philes worldwide is famously credited with saying, “Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.” Who knows if that’s some elaborate, cadaverous pun, but it certainly rings true for each and every one of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterful, almost tortuous, onscreen lessons in anxiety. To Hitchcock, it wasn’t a […]

Ignite Theatre Tick Tick BOOM! at the Aurora Fox Arts Center

The show’s glaring shortcoming is a lack of pacing. Despite a few references to the protagonist’s mental purgatory marked by insistent “ticks,” the show’s only noteworthy chronometric utterances are those of the tired second hands of the audience’s watches

Maria Cheng wrote and stars in Fermata on Monday May 4, 2015 at Aurora Cultural Arts District. (Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel)

“We’ve worked in several spaces over the past two years, and having a permanent space has got to be every theater company’s ultimate goal, along with building an audience of course, so we’re thrilled,” said Tria Xiong, one of the co-founders of Theatre Esprit Asia, the Mountain West’s first and only theater company focusing specifically on Asian-American show runners and theatergoers.