NEW YORK | Yoko Ono, who was previously credited as a co-producer on John Lennon’s “Imagine,” will earn a co-writing credit on the 1971 song. David Israelite, the president and CEO of the National Music Publishers’ Association, said Wednesday at an event that Ono would earn the co-writing recognition on the song 48 years after […]

LEVINSON: “We weren’t just dealing with headlines. You have to get into the flesh-and-blood characters, not just the financial aspects. You got to get as human as you can: What is the dynamic between Bernie and Ruth, and between the two sons,” both of whom worked for Madoff and were suspected of having known what he was up to, and one of whom, Mark, would commit suicide on the two-year anniversary of his father’s stunning downfall. “It is a true tragedy that in the end destroyed the entire family.”