This image provided by Page Street Publishing shows the cover of "The Book of Lost Recipes" by Jaya Saxena. The new cookbook takes readers on a nostalgic trip down memory lane to explore classic dishes served in famous hotels of yesteryear and other bygone destinations. (Page Street Publishing via AP)

“A good restaurant, a restaurant that becomes famous or that a community cares about — it has to do with food, but it has to do with so much more,” said cookbook author Jaya Saxena, a writer for The Daily Dot. “The things people are driven to eat are influenced by the economy, politics, immigration trends and all kinds of other things.”

This June 2015 photo shows the ingredients for citrus marinated scallop and prosciutto kebabs in Riverside, Conn. This dish puts scallops at the center of a skewer's worth of very tasty kebabs. It requires no more than 15 minutes hands-on time and 40 minutes total from start to finish. (James Ogle/Silver Plume Production LLC via AP)

The grill must be well heated before you start cooking. Once you’re rolling, don’t turn over the skewers until the scallops are easily loosened from the grill, which is how you know they’ve been properly seared. This will only take 2 to 3 minutes a side. Give each one a little poke in the belly to see if it’s almost done. You want to pull them off the grill when there’s still a little bit of give, indicating they’re slightly undercooked. The carry-over cooking time will finish the job.

This Sunday, May 22, 2016 photo, shows salmon salad in a jar, left, next to the white bean salad and chopped greek salad on grilled bread in New York. This recipe spells out three different toppings, all vaguely Mediterranean: a white bean salad with fresh fennel thickened with mashed beans so that the filling sticks to the bread; smoked salmon rillettes, finely-chopped salmon flavored with capers, lemon and fresh herbs and bound with sour cream; and a chopped Greek salad. (AP Photo/Sara Moulton)

I like to make bruschetta on my stovetop grill at home during the colder months. It’s a winning accompaniment to just about any soup or stew and a reliable favorite with the family. Having recently come to the conclusion that there was no good reason why this simple and tasty concoction should be limited to an appetizer or side dish, I have here chosen to cast bruschetta as the star of a summer picnic.


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