Colorado Table

One Sunday, the “Madame” of the family bought fresh cherries at the market, and decided to make the classic “clafoutis aux cerises.” It smelled and looked divine and I couldn’t wait to taste it. It came to the table still a bit warm and she cut big wedges for each of us. I saw a big ripe cherry gleaming up at me and took a big bite. and crunch! I almost broke my tooth in two. No one had bothered to tell me that Madame made her clafoutis in the traditional way without pitting the cherries. Literally, the pitfall of rustic country cooking. Nonetheless, I fell in love with clafoutis.

The mild flavor and pleasant non-mealy texture mean the fava bean is perfect for swapping into almost any of your favorite bean recipes — salads, stews, and soups all get a nice face-lift from bringing in a new bean. This Fava Bean Tabbouleh recipe replaces classic bulgur wheat with fava beans, and the result is a fresh, herbaceous side dish that is hearty enough to work as a meat-free main dish.

One important step will guarantee this recipe’s success: You want to keep the tomatoes’ water content from making the tart soggy. How to do it? Salt and drain them. This simple process not only flushes out their excess liquid, but it also magnifies their tomato-iness. For that matter, I recommend lightly salting and draining tomatoes even when you plan to eat them raw in a salad.

He suggests, “Grill one side of the pizza dough, then remove it, cooked-side up, to a lightly oiled tray. Put your toppings on the cooked side and then, just before serving, return to the grill, cover, and let the dough crisp and the toppings warm through. This way, the dough can be grilled way ahead of time and quickly finished when ready to eat.”

“I want to be able to look up and hear about their meal. When I started here I didn’t know how important it would be for me to have that experience,” Caroline Glover said. “Most chefs don’t want to be out front, that’s why we’re in the back of the restaurant. So I was surprised by how much I enjoy those moments with customers.”