Colorado Table

FILE - In this July 18, 2008 file photo, calories of each food item appear on a McDonalds drive-thru menu in New York.   The Food and Drug Administration announced long-delayed calorie labeling rules Tuesday, requiring establishments that sell prepared foods and have 20 or more locations to post the calorie content of food "clearly and conspicuously" on their menus, menu boards and displays. Companies will have until November 2015 to comply.  (AP Photo/Ed Ou, File)

“Americans eat and drink about one-third of their calories away from home and people today expect clear information about the products they consume,” FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said.

This Nov. 10, 2014 photo shows pork tenderloin with cranberry cider glaze in Concord, N.H. Pork tenderloin is delicious, tender, and is neutral enough to pair wonderfully with numerous ingredients. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

And there was. Our idea was simple — pick a cut of meat that is easy to have on hand, simple to prepare for both small groups and crowds, and yet versatile enough to pair with multiple flavors.

An analysis of sales data and store circulars by two research firms contradicts conventional wisdom that Black Friday is when shoppers can get the most and biggest sales of the year.

“Regardless of what the final outcome of this race is, this is a very encouraging sign for those of us who support labeling of genetically engineered foods,” said Sandeep Kaushik, a spokesman for the campaign promoting the measure.

This Nov. 10, 2014 photo shows a ruby spiced bubbles cocktail in Concord, N.H. The ruby spice bubbles offers a fresh and refreshing way to enjoy sparkling wine. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

If there’s a chill in the air, consider starting with the roasted cider, a seasonal hot toddy that combines a classic mulled cider with the toasty flavor of hazelnuts.

In this photo taken Monday Nov. 17, 2014 veteran meat cutter  Everett Gage takes a break as he looks at the row of deer he has to cut following the first weekend of the deer rifle season in Loudon, N.H. Fish and Wildlife officials suspect that interest from local food connoisseurs is helping to level off a drop in the number of hunting license holders nationally, which has been on a steady decline over the last 30 years. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

“It’s not easy and it’s not a surefire way to fill a freezer every year but it’s certainly more rewarding than even raising a cow behind your house and butchering it,” said Chris Saunders, hunter education coordinator for the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife.


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