The Lowry-based museum is set to open a second campus, the Exploration of Flight, at the Centennial Airport this summer. The 15-acre campus will serve as the home to two galleries, focused on the future of aviation and space travel, and a school that will serve middle and high school students who desire to make their career among the clouds.

Mary Kay Hogan, the district’s lobbyist, broke down what to expect from the Legislature during the Jan. 9 APS board meeting. Gov. John Hickenlooper has proposed putting about $70 million toward education to buy down the so called negative factor, the term used to describe the difference between what the state is mandated to spend on education by Amendment 23 and what it actually funds. 

For Aurora, immigration tops concerns for the entire city  From city government all the way to Washington, immigration was at the forefront of policy concerns for many Aurora residents this year, as Donald Trump took office after a year of campaign promises to secure borders and crack down on undocumented residents. Trump rescinded a federal […]

Four Gateway students, who raised $100 per group, were paired up with an elementary school student from APS and the student was allowed $40 of the $100 to spend on themselves, with the remainder going to getting gifts for their family members.