This cake is a cinch to throw together using a mixer, but the ingredients should all be at room temperature to develop the proper texture. If you’re able to prepare and serve this cake while it’s still hot, your guests will really be wowed, but it’s plenty tasty at room temperature, too. Either way, don’t forget to top it off with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

A clafoutis (or clafouti) is a baked dessert of French origin, classically made with cherries — even more classically made with cherries with the pits left in them — all ensconced in a lightly sweetened, pancake-like batter that is poured over the fruit. It puffs up enticingly all around the fruit when it bakes. And it’s great with all kinds of fruit, especially berries.

A Spanish tortilla is something like an incredibly tasty frittata made from sliced potatoes, vegetables and usually a flavorful cured meat, like Spanish chorizo or sausage. The tortilla is served hot or cold, cut into wedges — small pieces for an appetizer, or larger ones for a main dish. It’s perfect at room temperature for picnics, warm for a lazy Sunday supper, or chilled in the fridge, for an easy-to-graze protein-filled snack.

Even at The Culinary Institute of America, where students’ breakfasts can mean made-to-order eggs Benedict and huevos rancheros, convenience sometimes wins. Like, what happens when those hard-working students’ alarm clocks get turned off through absolutely no fault of their own and they’re running late to their 8 a.m. Chocolate and Confectionery Techniques exam?