Room by Room

Anyone who’s had to clean up after a Christmas tree can confirm that they’re not built for the whole year. Evergreens, such as firs and spruces shed needles. For those who paid attention during high school biology class, you can officially chalk it up to the fact that they’re coniferous plants, bound to leave litter. […]

Candles help keep the holidays solemn, and they don’t have to get snuffed out at New Year’s. Between the drunken office parties and chaotic Black Friday shopping sessions, it’s easy to forget that there’s plenty of serious spirituality behind the holiday craziness. A good set of colored candles can keep the ambience properly serious, and […]

Maybe you went to the consignment store and found a really cute chair or end table, but you think it would look better in turquoise blue. DIY (do it yourself) is so tempting after watching a few YouTube videos, flipping through some glossy magazines or visiting the local hardware store, but these consignors have seen […]