For most people, Columbine doesn’t bring to mind the state flower. It’s a high school near Littleton where Hell came to Earth in 1999, leaving a school-full of kids dead, injured or traumatized. Virginia Tech? Shooting. Newtown, Conn.? Shooting. Aurora? Say it isn’t so. Maybe it’s not. Not because there are teams of people out […]

Now here’s a creation theory I can live with: Bringing art into your life makes you smarter and happier. It’s for real. A 2011 study published in the journal Epidemiology revealed that men who involved themselves in the arts reported feeling happier than those who didn’t. There’s more: Several studies have shown a direct connection […]

Did you feel it? Aurora moved. Well, I don’t mean that the ground actually shifted under my feet as this city of 335,000 evolved during the past several months into something different than it used to be. But there’s no mistaking that the community we all live in, work in and shop in is now […]