We decided to make jam. Because nothing allows you to capture the flavor of summer sun, sumptuous fruit and even the smell of a scorching summer day like a homemade jar of jam, jelly or preserves. It’s magic. On winter’s nastiest day, one bite of summer’s fruit preserves magically breaks even the coldest spell.

It’s just bland. Straight up flavorless meat piled onto too-thin tortillas and covered in “guac.” This is not a popular opinion, but as a Hispanic person, I cannot stand idly by as this purveyor of subpar food dares to include the word “Mexican” in its name.
Real Mexican food is flavorful. It’s warm, sometimes spicy and a whole lot cheaper than a $9 burrito.

When it opened five years ago, the L.A. Times described this single-artist museum as “nothing less than a marvelous model for what a single-artist museum can be. Virtually every aspect of it is designed to maximize a visitor’s encounter with Still’s often riveting art.”

The country’s longest continuous street, once called the “Wickedest Street in America,” by a real authority, Playboy magazine, is still long, but these days it’s much more diverse rather than depraved. Sure, there’s some shadowy stuff from the Capitol to the Anschutz campus, but the days of Sid Kings strip club, XXX theaters, speakeasies and parading prostitutes are pretty much just memories.