Exit Strategy

At the root of it all? We don’t know what in the hell we’re talking about. In study after study, Americans and students fall further and further down the world list of kids who understand math and science. The crap I hear and read on social media and in person would depress even a third-grade science teacher, whose job it is to help us first learn to think and then learn to learn

just because we have legal weed here, it doesn’t mean you should be smoking it all the time. You know who you are. Rather than screaming through traffic on I-225, you’re on Chambers Road in the right lane, white knuckled and driving 22 miles per hour. You’re the one who comes to a complete stop in Havana Street during rush hour traffic and looks both ways before turning right into the Safeway. It’s dope, dude. Smoke it at home.

Open up your Facebook account and you immediately can feel the scowl begin and the eyes narrow at the virtual river of posts asking whether you agree that Mexican immigrants should not be given free cell phones, Hondas and Macy’s gift cards at the border, where they pour through abandoned border gates on donkeys carrying backpack nukes and a map to your house.