Anschutz and Aurora

There’s never been a better time to be treated for a heart attack. U.S. hospitals have set a record for how quickly they open blocked arteries, averaging under one hour for the first time since these results have been tracked. More than 93 percent of patients now have their arteries opened within the recommended 90 […]

Two council members on the city’s ad hoc policy committee that deals with weed issues, Sally Mounier and Bob Roth, recently agreed to green-light a discussion on allowing the sale, manufacturing and cultivation of medical marijuana in Aurora. Those practices are currently banned under city code

AURORA | Much to the chagrin of several local politicos, the Aurora Housing Authority, an arm of the city dedicated to erecting affordable housing projects, won’t be developing a new homeless veterans housing complex in north Aurora in the coming years, Housing Authority officials confirmed this week. The contract to build a proposed 60-unit development for […]

“I think most of us would agree that the last thing we would want is Congress making all of our decisions around health care,” said Hickenlooper, who has increasingly invoked a states’ rights argument — one often used by Republicans on such issues as gun rights — to defend Colorado’s health care and marijuana markets.