Guess who’s coming to dinner? You.

Did you feel it? Aurora moved. Well, I don’t mean that the ground actually shifted under my feet as this city of 335,000 evolved during the past several months into something different than it used to be. But there’s no mistaking that the community we all live in, work in and shop in is now remarkably different than the just-another-big-suburb it was this same time last year.

20121226-4826K-Dave Perry-0007-CMYKThe horrific July 20 theater massacre changed the city. It changed all of us. From one of the most evil, destructive acts Aurora has ever witnessed came the realization that we are a strong and remarkable community. As editor of the Aurora Sentinel, I’ve had a front-row seat to Aurora’s growing pains and gains for more than two decades. I’ve grown right alongside a city home to one of the most critical military and security missions in the world, one of the most innovative and comprehensive health and research complexes on the planet, and one of the most culturally diverse places anywhere.

Although I and thousands of others in the metro area were well aware of just how big and vital Aurora had become, it wasn’t until we saw ourselves in the international spotlight during the theater shooting debacle that we recognized what others so easily saw: Aurora is a remarkable place.

In fact, the city is so remarkable, so big, so vital, that it now has its own city magazine, and you’re holding the premier edition in your hand.

In creating this magazine, in talking about what it would look like — what it would offer, how it would feel — it became clear that a city-lifestyle magazine should be like a dinner party at a good friend’s house. Aurora Magazine offers tempting tidbits, succulent art, flavorful features and a couple of satisfying main courses. I brought dessert, and it’s on page 78. Like a good dinner party, there’s food, drink, stories, laughs and a world of life you’ll want to share later with others.

We invite all of you to join us for this first edition of Aurora Magazine as we take a look at who we are, and consider the advice given by a handful of denizens as to where the city should go next. By joining us with this premier edition, you get to drive a Rolls Royce, milk a goat, ski the backcountry from a snowcat trip, gaze at the stars with Jules Verne and fly a bicycle — and ever so much more. I think you’ll like what we’re serving, and we invite you to write to us, email us or message us on our Facebook page and tell us what you liked and what you didn’t. We’re serving at the first of every month, and we’re expecting you.

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