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    RISE TO THE CHALLENGE: Keeping your promise to a healthier life beyond the resolutions

    Kenny Frazee is an eternal optimist. Frazee, who is 55 and works as an insurance fraud investigator in New Jersey, says he’s done the dieting thing so long, he was one of the first people to go on the Richard…

  • Aurora Magazine

    ROOM BY ROOM: Home Sweat Home

    For those of us who weren’t up on IKEA, the arrival of the uber-efficient Swedish furniture superstore in Colorado became a revelation. Living in a shoebox was never so stylish or affordable. A few years later, though, many people show…

  • Aurora Magazine

    PETS: Taking The Lead In Going For A Jog

    Your dog doesn’t need help getting motivated for a run. While you groan at the sight of your running shoes, the pooch wags its tail and spins in circles at just the jingle of the leash. But just grabbing any…

  • Aurora Magazine

    DRIVEN: Murano Is Fit For The Future

    If you were to ask me what the fourth “D” is in “Brand new 4D movie experience” my best guess is space-time. My next guess is advertising. Having never watched a movie in 3D, I decided immediately that I should…

  • Aurora Magazine

    EXIT STRATEGY: Weightloss Springs Eternal

    You realize, of course, that fat people are the most optimistic folks on Earth. Not all of us, I guess. But you can put money on the fact that the bulk of us with excess bulk are confident that one…

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